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River Styx

From the Start clear out the enemies and head through the tunnel. Follow it all the way along to the temple. Head up the stairs on the left side and press on the green torch. This lowers down a lift on the other side. Quickly run to the other side and take the lift up for Secret 1 with a Soul Sphere.

Drop down and go through the temple entrance. Follow the passage down to the south Secret 2 with the Green Armor.

Head down the stairs and open the odd textured wall to the east for Secret 3 for an Energy Cell Pack, Rockets and Bullets.

With the secrets out of the way head to the west into the main hub of the temple. The lava doesn’t hurt.

Search around for the Rocket Launcher and then follow the lava path to the west for an optional area. Take out the enemies on the raised platforms and follow the lava around the corner. A wall will open with a Hell Knight. When you enter the room the wall behind you will open with an Arch Vile and other enemies.

Press the Skull Button to lower the previous platforms. Grab all the loot and head through the small gap in the wall to the north. This leads to a room surrounded by Chaingunners with a Soul Sphere in the center.

Use the BFG to take them all out and then grab the Soul Sphere. Make your way back to the circular hub.

Make your way down the passage to the north, taking out the Revenants on the ledges along the way. For another optional room drop down on the left side and enter the tunnel to the rectangular room. Use the BFG to clear out the room quickly.

Inside you’ll find some Shotgun Shells and a Health Pack. Press the Skull Button to lower down the teleporter and go through to be taken back to the path.

Blue Key

Enter into the building at the end of the path and head to the left (south). Take the second room to the left and kill the Mancubus. The teleporter in the room behind the Mancubus takes you to a few rooms to the north west. Take it if you want.

To get to the Blue Key make your way to the room in the south west. You’ll see a room filled with crushers. SAVE your game before attempting to get through them. On the other side head to the east and go through the teleporter.

Climb up the stairs to the Blue Key. Go back through the teleporter and make your way back past the crushers.

Red Key

Once you’re through the crushers go north twice and hit the Blue Skull Button on the wall. This opens another Skull Button south once, east three times and south once.

Pressing the Button opens a passage just to the right that leads to the Red Key and a Spider Mastermind.

You’re done with this area so find the exit of this building and head back down the path to the circular hub room. This time take the path to the south.

Yellow Key

Go through the Red Door at the end of the path. Enter the room but quickly hide behind one of the corner pillars to avoid the Arch Vile on the center platform.

Kill the Mancubus and Arachnotrons around the outskirts first and then shoot Rockets onto the center platform to kill the Arch Vile and other enemies.

When you’re done lower the second pillar from each end on each of the four sides. One of them has a Megasphere.

Go through the Red Door to the south and take the teleporter. You’ll be taken to the central platform so you can grab the Yellow Key.


Go through the Yellow Door to the east and take the teleporter to a series of rooms with a Pain Elemental, Arch Vile and other enemies. Open the door to the north, kill the Shotgun Guys and press the Button to lower the silver teleporter. Step into it to complete the level.

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