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From the Start drop off the edge to the left and you’ll land on an Invulnerability Sphere. This is Secret #1. There’s also a BFG here if you need it. Take the teleporter behind you back to the Start.

Barons of Hell and Pain Elementals will appear from all sides but now that you’re invulnerable you should have not trouble taking them out.

There are three passageways heading out from the staring platform. Take the passage to the east. Make your way down the stairs and dash across to the teleporter.

Press the Skull Button and go back through the teleporter to the Start. Take the passage to the south which has now been opened.

Head along the path and take out the Chaingunners and Arachnotron. Watch out for the Chaingunners that open up on a ledge above you to the left.

Continue along the walkway and grab the Yellow Key at the end. When you do more Chaingunners will appear behind you, along with Cacodemons and a Pain Elemental.

On the eastern side of the walkway you should see a Radiation Suit. Dash across to grab it and drop down on the other side. Head to the north and take the teleporter. You’ll end up on the platform just in front of you.

Head along the passage but watch out for the Chaingunners that appear in the windows to your left. Open the Yellow Door at the bottom of the steps and go through. Have your BFG ready becaues Hell Knights and Revenants will teleport in when you enter.

Continue out the window to the south and step into the teleporter. Drop down to the right and flip the Switch. Go through the teleporter to a room with steps leading down to another teleporter. Go through this teleporter to arrive at the platform with the Blue Key.

When you pick it up all hell will break loose with Hell Knights and Revenants spawning in and Mancubus on the ledge above.

Before going through the teleporter stand on the northern edge and take out all the Barons of Hell on the next platform. When you’re done step through the teleporter.

From here dash across to the platform to the southwest, lower down the lift and grab the Blue Armor. Ride the lift up and step onto the ledge above for Secret #2.

Open the secret wall to the west, drop down, turn to the left and grab the Soul Sphere for Secret #3.

Drop down to the lava and go through a teleporter back to the start. Take the passage to the south, lower the lift to the right and go through the teleporter.

Follow the passage down and take out the Pain Elementals that have appeared in the new area to the right. You’ll also have an Arachnotron to deal with and a Spider Mastermind.

Press the Skull Button behind the Spider Mastermind to open the Blue Bars. Behind them you’ll find a Berserk pack and the level Exit.

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