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Cipher Coins: 6
Music Scrolls: 2
Arcana: Big Tonic Bag, Troupple Chalice

When you enter the Armor Outpost you’ll be outside the Fancy Shop. There’s a catapult here that can be repaired by giving Percy 50 Cipher Coins. Before you do that make your way behind the buildings to find the 6 Cipher Coins in this area. Head back to Percy and pay to have the catapult repaired.

When you use the catapult you’ll be flung into the center of the Outpost and attacked by all the guards.

Once you defeat them the Outpost will be taken over by Minions and the rest of the townsfolk will flee in an airship.

Some shopkeepers decide to remain. Most notably Chester who will sell you the Big Tonic Bag for 7500 gold. The bag doubles the amount of Health Tonics you can carry, giving you a maximum of 10.

You can also find the Troupple Acolyte who’ll sell you the Troupple Chalice. You can buy up to two of them for a price of 1500 gold each. Once you have the chalice the Troupple King will appear when you visit the Troupple Pond.

There are two Music Sheets to be found here. Music Sheet #15 is at the top of a house on the right side of the Outpost and Music Sheet #16 is given as a reward when you defeat Mr. Hat in the Fancy Shop.

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