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Mission 10: Jabba’s Ship


  • Find Your Gear
  • Locate the Nava Card
  • Rescue Jan


At the start of this mission you’re left in a pretty bad situation. You have no weapons and are about to be eaten by a Kell Dragon.

Dark Forces Mission 10 Kell DragonRun forwards and backwards punching him. If you get too far away it’ll perform a jumping attack which is almost impossible to avoid. Stay just out of reach and punch until the dragon is dead.

When you kill him the large door behind you will open up. Go outside, through the center column and kill the Gran. At least now you’ll have 5 TDs to take on the next Kell Dragon!

Kill the second Kell Dragon, flip the switch inside the column and jump up the side shown in the pic below.

Dark Forces Mission 10 Blue KeyThere’s a Revive just ahead. Follow the path around to the other side and jump across to the Blue Key and Mines.

Now drop down and open the Blue Door at the end of the center column. Either punch or use mines on the Gamorreans in the next section.

The door on your right is where you’ll find all your weapons and gear. Unfortunately it’s locked. You’ll need to jump over to the Gran and follow the ledge to the left to find the button to open it. Throw a TD at the Gran. Hopefully you saved one! Then push the button.

Go into the room and jump up to grab your equipment. This is the first objective complete. Now to find the Nava Card and rescue Jan. The switch in this room lifts up the floor so you can get across to the other door.

The next room is filled with mines.

Dark Forces Mission 10 MinesIn fact there are mines all over Jabba’s Ship so you’ll need to be really careful where you tred. Head into the dark room to the left to flick the switch and open the door with blue stripes.

Follow the path down until you come to a room with two doors. The first one has the Red Key and the other door is the Red Door. Open the first door and go down. Watch out for mines along the way! Then go through the Red Door.

In the next section there are Trandoshan and Gran on the ledges so proceed carefully. The ledge to the far left has an Extra Life on it. You can use a TD or mine to blow your way up there if you can time your jump correctly.

Otherwise, head up the lift, pull the lever and go across the walkway to the other side.

Through the corridor is another Kell Dragon. This time he won’t be able to get to you while you stay inside the safety of the corridor so just take him out from a distance.

Continue until you come to a room where you need the Yellow Key. Drop down the hole in the floor here.

Dark Forces Mission 10 Yellow KeyKill the Swamp Creature and grab the Yellow Key. Go through the Yellow Door which takes you up a spiral staircase and around some corridors. The Jabba Picture on the left of this area is hiding another Extra Life.

Dark Forces Mission 10 Extra LifeHead into Jabba’s Bar area and take out the Grans and Gamorreans. One of the small rooms has the blue Nava Card.

Dark Forces Mission 10 Nava CardThat’s the second objective complete. All that’s left is to go and rescue Jan. Open the door near hear and follow the path around. The path here is fairly linear so keep working your way forwards to each new area. You’ll need to take down two Kell Dragons as you work your way around but you can easily stay out of reach.

When you come to this room with a switch that lifts up the floor go around the back and jump into the second hole to proceed with the mission.

Dark Forces Mission 10 Jabba's ShipOnce down, jump across the gap to the cells and open them until you find Jan. This completes all the objectives on Jabba’s Ship. It’s time to head to the next mission.

Next Mission: Imperial City