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Mission 11: Imperial City


  • Locate the I.S.O building
  • Crack into the vault & use the Nava Card
  • Head back to the landing area


The Imperial City is absolutely teeming with Stormtroopers and Imperial Guards. Don’t bother trying to shoot them all. Just head to the elevator in the south west and get out of this area. The other elevators will just take you down a level.

Take out the Stormtroopers up on the ledge here.

Dark Forces Mission 11 StormtroopersThen go up the stairs on the right side to get up. Follow it around to an elevator up and then open the next door.

Don’t step outside just yet. There are spotlights that you need to avoid. If you’re spotted the doors and windows will open and you’ll be shot out by a dozen Stormtroopers.

Dark Forces Mission 11 SpotlightsThe Blue Key is to the far right. You’ll then need to jump over the gap to the left and open the Blue Door.

Open the door and take the lift down. It will stop 5 or 6 times and new Stormtroopers will shoot at you on each level.

On the lowest level open the door and head across to the next building. There are a ton of Imperial Officers here, stopping you from going in. Take them out and go inside.

The reception of the next building has four gun turrets. Two on the right and two on the left. You can shoot them down or make a dash for it.

Inside the main part of the building open the door with the red symbol on it. This will take you up a level. There is a door on the inside part of the ring that needs a Red Key. Take one of the smaller doors on the outside of the ring.

Come into this room and press the switch on the wall.

Dark Forces Mission Little RoomCrouch down and press the lever next to the brown block which will move it out a little. Now you can stand on the block and do a running jump to the small alcove. Follow it around, pull the lever and go out the other side.

Pick up the Red Key in the corner and also grab the Assault Cannon. Press the button to open the door which opens out directly in front of the Red Door. Go up the elevator and follow the path around.

Another elevator goes down and then another goes back up to finally take you to the top of a building. The room with the red symbol on it has a Dark Trooper inside. Kill it and pull the switch which reveals another door outside.

This elevator takes you down to the data core.

Dark Forces Mission 11 Data CoreThe diagram above shows you the three layers and where the entrances to each layer is. Basically there are six doors on each layer controlled by six switches around the outside. Each switch has three settings opening a door on one of the layers.

For the switches. All lights on means all doors closed. Top light off opens the outer layer. Middle light off opens the middle layer. Bottom light off opens the interior layer.

Go around and open all the outer layer doors.

Work your way around from the entrance to the middle layer and open all of the middle layer doors.

Because the interior layer is two doors away from the middle layer entrance you’ll need to open those two middle layer doors and then open the other four interior layer doors. It’s a little complicated to describe in words. Just remember from the entrance into the middle layer go around all the switches counter-clockwise. The first four you open the interior doors (bottom light off) and the last two you open the middle doors (second light off).

Go to the central core, push the two switches and use the Nava Card. Grab the Data Tape and go through the large door behind you to get out of there.

AsĀ  you’re heading back to the landing area Jan will get into trouble and go off to fight some Tie Fighters. Follow the path along and go to the landing area.

Before Jan comes back you’ll be faced by none other than Boba Fett! He zooms around and shoots mortar shells at you! Do your best and once you’ve killed him Jan will come back to end the mission.

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