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Mission 13: The Executor


  • Reach the cargo shuttle bay
  • Activate the shuttle system


The Executor is a shorter mission than the last few but there are tons of troops that you’ll need to blast your way through.

Open the door, blast the troops and head to the right. Go down the cargo hold to get off the bridge area.

Dark Forces Mission 13 Cargo HoldPress the switches on the walls to move the half white walls down and get through. Progression here is fairly linear.

Stand on the last movable wall and hit the switch to have it lift you up the higher floor. Head forwards and around the corner. If you’re playing on medium difficulty there will be a Dark Trooper here will fire rockets at you!

Dark Forces Mission 13 Dark TrooperAround the other side is a cargo bay door that you can open for an Extra Life and Shield Units. Hit the switch on the other side of the room to open the large doors.

Dark Forces Mission 13 Large DoorsRide the elevator to the top. Walk around to the room with the Tie Fighter. Don’t worry, the Tie Fighter won’t shoot at you. Take the only exit here, an elevator up and continue forwards through the corridor to what appears to be some kind of data center.

Find the small elevator up between the walls to the top of the structures. You’ll need to jump across from pillar to pillar until you reach the end.

Dark Forces Mission 13 Data CenterOnce through the next door take the small elevator down on the left for some more loot or head through the doors ahead to face another three Dark Troopers!

Head through and you’ll see a window looking out to a cargo container. Press switch on the wall to open the cargo bay doors and bring the container forwards.

Open the door and go through to the cargo controls. There are two switches here. Press them both to swing the container around and dock it to this section. Go around and hop onboard the container to complete the mission.

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