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Dark Forces Mission 7 Walkthrough


  • Find the smuggler’s ship and place a tracking device on the rear of it


To find out where the Phrik is going for the construction of the Dark Troopers you must put a tracking device on the rear of a smuggler’s ship.

Walk around the side of the facility until you find the elevator that takes you down to it. Once inside there’s a yellow elevator to the left but you need the Yellow Key to activate it.

Press the switch to open the large wall in the center. The Yellow Key is sitting in the far right corner next to a white crate.

Dark Forces Mission 7 Yellow KeyGo back and use the yellow elevator. Push the switch to lower the large wall before you continue as you’ll need to walk over it later.

Watch out for mines and Tran’s throwing thermal detonators at you. You need to find the ship docking area but before you do that you need to find the Blue Key that will open the docking bay doors.

Make your way to the southern part of the facility where the control room is and the Blue Key is kept.

Dark Forces Mission 7 Blue KeyGrab the key and head back to the north to the docking bay doors.

To the north is a cargo area. Work your way through it to the end. You can open the docking bay doors by clicking on the panel on the left side once you have the Blue Key.

Dark Forces Mission 7 Docking Bay DoorGo through and place the tracking device at the rear of the smuggler’s ship here.

Dark Forces Mission 7 Smuggler's ShipOnce you’ve completed the mission at Ramsees Hed continue to Mission 8: Robotics Facility.