Ebon Hawk Map

Use the map provided above and the walkthrough below to complete Knights of the Old Republic 2. Unlike the first game, KOTOR 2 randomizes the location of many items. All the main items remain static but smaller items may be found in different locations. For this reason search all of the footlockers, debris and corpses, etc to find all of the loot. The location of quest items will be listed in the walkthrough below.

1) Bridge – This is the Bridge where you begin KOTOR 2. This is a tutorial mission and can be skipped from the Bridge Console. You begin as T3-M4 with your main character injured in the Medical Bay. You’ll have to revive him/her as well as get the Ebon Hawk up and running again.

2) Communications Room – Some of the doors have been locked. To proceed enter the Communications Room and search the Contianer for a Computer Spike. Use it to slice into the Console and open the Main Hold door.

3) Main Hold – Have a look around for a Locker Key. The Footlocker needs to be bashed open. In KOTOR 2 you may damage some items by bashing the container open.

4) Cargo Hold – Enter the Cargo Hold to find one of your little friends 3D-FD. You can invite her to join your party although it’s not necessary. Open the Container for a weapon and go through the combat tutorial if you want to. The Locker Key from #3 opens a locker in this room. One of the containers contains a Security Tunneler. You can use it to open the High Security Container.

5) Medical Bay – Open the container and take out the Medpac. Use the Medpac on your main character to help pull them out of their critical condition.

6) Exit to Outer Hull – Take the ladder up to the Outer Hull. Complete the Outer Hull section and then come back here to st

Outer Hull

I won’t bother with the map of the Outer Hull. Have a look around and search for Parts. Have a look at the Exposed Wiring and use it to open the Dormitory door. Recover the Minor Frag Mines as well. You’ll need one of them to open the Engine Room door later. You can also find a mine in the unexploded Proton Missile and 3 Parts in the Quad Lasers. When you’re finished here return the way you came back inside the Ebon Hawk.

Ebon Hawk

7) Garage – Once you’ve been to the Outer Hull and found the Spare Parts return to the Garage. When you open the Garage door you’ll have to go into Solo Mode. The droid 3C-FD will have to open the door from the Security Computer. Once in the Garage exit through the north door and go right (east) to the Dormitory. Search the room for some Armor Plating and more Parts.

8) Engine Room – Target the Engine Room door and place a mine on it to blast it open. Select the Hyperdrive at the back of the room and repair it using 5 Parts. That should be all you need to do to get the Ebon Hawk back up and running and make it to Peragus II.

If you haven’t played the Knights of the Old Republic you can travel in the Ebon Hawk by going to the Bridge and looking at the Galaxy Map. From there you can select your next destination.

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