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Alpha Grove

The Groves are generally smaller than the main levels. Your main objective in each of them is to flip the Jettison Enable switch. In Alpha Grove you’ll also find Target Identifier v3 and the RW-45 Ion Pulse Rifle. There are no Audio Logs in this area but you will find bits of ammo here and there.

You’ll enter the Grove at the elevator (1). Make your way east into the center, taking out the enemies as you go. The door you need to get through is in the southeast with the “Safety Interlock” sign above it (2).

Head to the north instead and in the lowered room between the elevator and the grav lift you’ll find the RW-45 Ion Pulse Rifle (3), an upgrade from the Sparqbeam.

Open the suitcase for a few patches and then take the grav lift up on the north side. Continue around to the east and then south until you can go through the door at (4).

Inside you’ll find a switch (5) to open the door the safety interlocks.

In the room to the south you’ll find a Mag Pulse Rifle and some ammo.

Run back to the door at (2) which should now be open. Take out the Security-1 Bot and pull out the switch to disable the safety interlock. Head back to the tram and ride it back to the Executive level.

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