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Level 7 (Systems Engineering)

Your main task in Engineering is to destroy the Antennae Relays. To do that you’ll need 4 Plastiques from Storage. If you don’t have them go back to Level 4 (Storage) and find them.

You’ll arrive on the level from elevator (1). Just in front of you on a desktop you’ll find Audio Log (Arnold Hessman). Watch out for the Bots and Assassin on the bridge above.

Around the corner at (2) you’ll find a Recycle Station. At (3) you’ll find a Junction Box. Complete the puzzle to turn off the energy beams.

Go through the energy beam corridors and take the grav lifts down. You’ll arrive in the hallway at (4) with Cyborg Warriors. Take them out, pick up the loot and unlock the door at (5) with the Engineering Access Card. You find this on the Research Labs level but there’s also a couple of ENG cards in the northern section of this level.

The portal at (6) has a First Aid Kit and Mark III Assault Rifle on the floor next to it. Going through the portal will take you to the square room at (7).

From here you’ll be attack by bots so run for cover. The only door currently unlocked is the one in the north. Head through and in a crawlway at (8) you’ll find an Engineering Access Card. Follow the hallway around to find a Mod-Kit Station at (9).

In the crate next to it you’ll find a Mark III Assault Rifle and First Aid Kit. You can buy an efficiency upgrade for the Ion Rifle at the Mod Kit Station for 25 credits.

Around the corner you can open the Armory door from this side back to the square room at (7). Make your way around to the hub room at (10) with doors leading to the various quadrants of the level. To get up to the higher doors you’ll need v3 of the Turbo Boots so you can hover up to the center bridge.

The lower door to the west leads around to a Mod-Kit Station and Audio Log (Bianca Schuler) (11). At the station you can buy a capacity upgrade for the KF-18 Skorpion.

Up the ladder at (12) you’ll find a small alcove with Audio Log (Bianca Schuler). Further to the north at the bridge at (13) you’ll find Turbo Motion Boots v3 and a Recharge Station off the side to the left.

You’ll be able to use these boots to get up higher in the central chamber at (10). Drop down the barrier at (14) or use a nearby hatch and make your way south for the Audio Log (SHODAN) (15).

Return to the center chamber at (10) and use the boots to fly up to the higher walkways where you can get access to the three of the four quadrants. You’ll see Junction Boxes on three of the doors, north, east and south. Solve them to unlock the doors and give you quicker access between the quadrants.

Open the door to the south and press the Core Locks Disengage button (16). This removes some side force fields and gives you access to new shortcuts and the med suite where you’ll find the Cargo Lift, Transderm Dispenser, Charging Station and Surgery Bed.

The room to the east is where you’ll find the CPU Nodes (17). Destroy them to reduce the security for this level.

Head into the Administrator Office (18) and search the corpse for the Engineering Access Card if you don’t have it already. Grab Audio Log (Willard Richie) and Audio Log (SHODAN), then jack into Cyberspace.

Carefully make your way through cyberspace and you’ll be able to destroy the barriers to unlock all four Antennae rooms. You’ll find them in the four quadrants of this level, (19), (20), (21) and (22). Once you find them place the plastiques at the base and get some distance before the 10 second timer is up. You want to stay a safe distance away from the explosion.

When you place an explosive on the southern antenna SHODAN will put a barrier on the exit. Hide in the side alcove until the shockwave passes. Then complete the puzzle in the Junction Box to remove the barrier.

In the high radiation area (23) you’ll find the Energy/Projectile Shield v3. At (24) there’s an Audio Log (Arnold Hessman) and the elevator (25) goes to Security but you won’t be able to use it yet. Further west is the Junction Box (26) to activate the nearby lift, giving you access to the north. Making your way around the small corridors you’ll find Audio Log (Bianca Schuler) at (27).

Once you’re done exploring this area and have destroyed the four Antennae Relays then make your way back to the Reactor.

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