Return to System Shock

Return to Level R(Reactor)

Once you have destroyed the Antennae Relays you can head back to the Reactor to activate the self destruct sequence. You’ll want to have environmental protection of at least v2 and you’ll also need the numbers from the computers in the CPU rooms of levels 1 through 6.

Once you get to the Reactor Core in the center of the Reactor level activate environmental protection and take out the security bots. There is a surgery bed on the reactor level so go back if you need to heal.

First head around the side corridor and pull the switch. This turns off the force field to the grav lift in the center.

Drop down to the center, take the grave lift up and enter the code from the CPU rooms. Starting with Level 1 and ending with Level 6. Make sure you turn around and pull the switch to start the Reactor Destruct Countdown.

SHODAN won’t be happy and will spawn in a few bots to try and stop you as you make your way out.

Run back to the elevator and take it to Maintenance. From there go up to Executive level and then the next elevator to the Flight Deck. On the eastern side you’ll see the life pods. As you get closer to them Diego will run out.

Hide behind the crates in the center of the room for cover. Once he’s taken enough damage he’ll teleport out. Run down to the life pods and enter the code 001.

Take the lift up to the life pod and pull the switch. SHODAN isn’t going to let you get away that easily and will destroy the controls.

With the life pods out of action there’s only one place to go, Security. Take the elevator down to Executive and use the teleporter to go to Diego’s hideout. Take the elevator to Engineering and run to the next elevator to get up to Security.

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