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World A Level 5

The Terminal will be just in front of you as you enter. Use it to read the messages and perhaps progress the story. This level is cloudy and rainy. There are 5 sigils and 2 stars to find. Just behind the ruins to the left you’ll find an Audiolog.

Star #6

Enter the puzzle One Little Buzzer and grab the Connector from the left side. Connect the laser to it and place it just in front of the purple barrier.

Enter the puzzle directly opposite, Things to Do With Two Boxes. Turn around to face the entrance and pull the switch around the corner.

This lowers a wall on the other side of the entrance. Behind it you’ll see the star behind a barrier. There’s also a Connector to the right. Grab it and connect the laser from the other puzzle to open the barrier so you can grab Star #6.

We might as well continue on with this puzzle.

Things to Do With Two Boxes (Green)

From the entrance walk down the path and turn around to the left for 2 Boxes (Hexahedrons). Use one to open up the barrier and the other to block one of the Droids and get them moving separately.

Run past the Droids, grabbing the Box as you go. Use the Box to get over the low wall and grab the Green Sigil. Climb up the ladder for a shortcut back to the entrance.

Friendly Crossfire (Red)

Pick up the Jammer and use it to disable the barrier on the right. Wait for the Droid to come out and destroy the Turret.

Disable the barrier again. You’ll need to quickly run under the turret to get through the open barrier. On the other side you’ll find Star #7.

Run back out to the courtyard and disable the turret looking at the Box. Turn the turret back on and the Droid will destroy this turret also. Disable the final Turret and place the box on the pressure plate to open the barrier. Go through for the Red Sigil.

Going Over the Fence (Green)

Run around to the right to find a Connector on a Box attached to a blue laser. Grab the Connector and bring it back to the fence where you can see the receptacle in the distance.

Place the Box down and the Connector on top so it fires the laser over the fence to the receptacle.

Go through the barrier and grab the Green Sigil.

You Know You Mustn’t Cross the Streams (Green)

The Sigil is to the left behind a blue barrier. There’s 2 Connectors behind the building to the right. The blue laser is behind the barrier that needs a red laser to open.

Connect the red laser to the receptacle to open the barrier and grab the Box. Place the other Connector on the Box so that you can connect the blue laser to the blue receptacle.

Grab the Green Sigil from behind the barrier.

One Little Buzzer

Grab the Connector and use it to connect the laser to the red receptacle. The droid will keep wandering in the path of the laser stopping the barrier from opening.

Grab the Box around to the left and use it to trap the droid next to the wall.

The barrier will open and you can go through for the Green Sigil.

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