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Enter World B and find the entrance to the second star world. Solve the sigil puzzle on the gate. You’ll need to have found 20 stars to open this gate.


Start the recording and step on the pressure plate to the right. End the recording and go through to pick up the Connector.

Place the Connector in the back corner so that it connects to the blue barrier while only going through one building.

Start the recording, grab the Connector and place it in the other corner. Stand on the pressure plate to open the laser for about 10 seconds.

Turn off the recording and when the laser opens the barrier go through for the Grey Sigil.

Cat’s Cradle

Hunt around for the two connectors. Place one on the pressure plate in the room to the right and take the Box instead. The barrier will close behind you briefly but open again.

Place the box down by the two lasers with the Connector on top. Connect the blue laser closer to the entrance with the blue receptor that is already open and the blue barrier. This lets you take out the Box in the side room without getting locked in.

You will need the third Connector for the next pressure plate so bring the blue laser to the blue barrier by the entrance and grab it.

use the red laser through the window on the left on the red receptor by the barrier to open it.

Bring the third Connector through for the pressure plate and grab the Grey Sigil.

Merry Go ‘Round

For this puzzle you need to open the barriers to the right using the Connector and Jammer until you find the second Connector. You’ll need to juggle the Connector and Jammer past the barriers.

Backtrack through the barriers and bring them back to the center and place one Connector on the left side with the blue laser so it can see through the windows to open one of the barriers on the other side.

Juggle the Jammer and Connector back through the barriers on the right side. Connect to the first Connector through the window to open the next barrier and then the Jammer to open the final barrier for the Grey Sigil.

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