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Enter the World C building and check out the Terminal. Then complete the puzzle on the gate. You should have all the sigils by now.

Take the lift down to the temple and through the portal to level 1.

World C Level 1

Check out the first Terminal in front of you and then the Audiolog a little ahead and to the left. There’s a second Terminal around the right side of the area near the beach.

The Conservatory (Red)

To the left you’ll see the Sigil behind a blue barrier and a red laser on the wall. Grab the Connector ahead and use it to open the first red barrier.

Go through the barrier and around to the left for a second Connector and a third Connector to the right.

Use the third Connector to connect the red laser to the red barrier with the blue laser behind it. Place the second Connector down by the other window connected to the blue laser.

Go back into the center yard and remove the first Connector. Use it to connect the blue laser through the windows and open the blue barrier to the Red Sigil.

Multiply Impossible Ascension (Red)

For this puzzle you’ll need to lift a Connector high enough to see the red barrier with the sigil.

Detach the fan piece and place it on the button to the left to open the barrier. Inside you’ll find a Connector and a Box.

Bring the Box down to the back right corner of the yard and use it to climb up the steps for the second Box.

There’s one more box to grab so place one Box on the button to open the barrier and connect the red laser to the other red barrier.

Place a Box on the button and one on the fan. Connect the Connector to the laser, fan and red barrier to the Sigil. Place the second Box under the first, then grab the box on the button and place it under the other two.

The connector will see over the wall to the red barrier. Go through for the Red Sigil.

Blowback (Red)

Grab the Box and place it by the fence so you can climb over it and grab the Jammer.

Use the Jammer to open the barrier. Grab the second Box and use it on the other side of the gate. Grab the Jammer and climb over the fence with it.

Use the Jammer on the barrier to the right and grab the Connector.

Use the Connector to open the same red barrier and then the Jammer to disable the fan. Go and grab the fan piece to stop it working.

Go back out and use the Connector to open the center barrier near the blue laser. Take the Jammer through and open the barrier to the fan. Place a box on the pad next to it. This fan still needs to be powered.

Use the Jammer on the center barrier again and grab the Connector. Use it to bring the blue laser to the fan through the small window in the wall.

The Box will get blown over the wall. Run around past the broken fan and through the purple barrier. Place the Box on the pressure plate and grab the Red Sigil.

Labyrinth (Red)

Follow the center path around until you find a Jammer.

You need to find 3 Jammers to turn off the 2 Turrets and open the barrier to the sigil. Bring this Jammer back and open the barrier on the other side of the gate. Dodge the droids and grab the Keys.

Use the Keys to open the gate. Grab the Jammer and take it around through the gate. You’ll now be able to open the next barrier along.

Once again dodge the droids and grab the Jammer.

Bring the two Jammers back to the entrance. When facing into the puzzle head to the right side. Use the two Jammers on the barriers and grab the third Jammer.

Bring all the Jammers through the labyrinth to the barrier with the Red Sigil. Disable the turrets and open the barrier so you can grab it.

Star #18

Bring a Jammer to the entrance of Labyrinth and look out to the left side. Use the Jammer to disable the Turret outside the puzzles.

Enter The Conservatory puzzle and bring a blue laser to the back window. You may need to partially complete the puzzle again if it’s reset.

Leave the puzzle and run around to the right side to the Turret that you just disabled. In front of it you’ll find a Connector. Keep running around and connect the blue laser through the window to the blue barrier.

Go through and grab the Star.

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