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World A Level 4

At one end of the temple you’ll find some items to unlock. One of them is the Connector and you’ll need it in the next level. Here’s one puzzle solution.

The other item is the Hexahedron or cube. You don’t have the Sigils to unlock it yet. Run to the other side of the temple to find the locked gate. You should have enough green sigil to unlock it. Here’s one solution to the gate puzzle.

The elevator takes you to the hub area where you can access World B, World C and the Tower. We’ll explore that later. For now go through the portal to Level 4.

World B Level 4

The Terminal will be just to your left as you enter. Level 4 is mostly a tutorial on using the connectors.

Push it Further (Yellow Sigil)

Search around to the left to find 2 Connectors. Use them to bring the laser to the receptacle and open the barrier. Go through for the Yellow Sigil.

Branch it Out (Yellow Sigil)

This puzzle shows you that you can branch the lasers off in multiple directions using the connectors. Use the connector to bring the laser to the three blue receptors, including the one higher up behind the barrier.

Go through for the Yellow Sigil.

Don’t Cross the Streams (Yellow Sigil)

If the lasers cross each other they’ll cancel each other out. Grab the Connector for the blue laser and bring the laser behind the building so it avoids crossing the path of the red laser.

Go through the barrier for the Yellow Sigil.

Above All That (Yellow Sigil)

Once again the lasers are cancelling each other out. Bring one of the connectors onto the ledge so one of the lasers crosses above the other.

Go through the barrier for the Yellow Sigil.

From the platform in Above All That puzzle use the Connector to target the Connector on top of the obelisk using the red laser.

Head out and enter Push it Further. You want to bring the red laser around to the back for the star. Connect the laser from the obelisk to the receptor by the barrier.

Go through for Star #5.

Go back through the portal to the temple. You should have all the sigils to unlock the Hexahedron. One solution can be found below.

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