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World B Level 2

Before you enter level 2 complete the puzzle in the center of the temple to unlock the Fan. Here’s one solution.

Go through the portal to level 2 and just in front of you is the Terminal. Check it out for a few more messages. Turn back towards the portal and on the other side of it you’ll spot an Audiolog.

Moonshot (Yellow)

Place the Connector on the Box on the fan and attach it to the laser and red barrier. Place the second Box on the button to power the fan. Once the fan is powered the Connector will connect the laser over the walls.

Go through and pick up the Yellow Sigil.

The Tomb (Yellow)

Grab the Jammer holding the first barrier open and use it to open the barrier into the next room. You’ll find a Connector at the back. Use it to connect the laser in the second room to the third barrier.

In the third room you’ll find a Connector attached to the final barrier. Bring the Connector all the way out and use it to open the second barrier. This frees up the Jammer. Bring the Jammer back to the final barrier and grab the Yellow Sigil.

The gate opens giving you a shortcut back but we’ll head back to grab the star.

Star #11

Pick up the Jammer and take the other path back. Use Connectors to open the first barrier and take the Jammer out. Looking towards the exit there’s a dark path to the left.

Head down the path and use the Jammer to open the barrier at the end. Bring a Connector down the path to the left and connect it to the red barrier. Bring a second Connector out to the right and you’ll see the red laser from Moonshot.

Connect the red laser to the first Connector and the barrier will open. Go through for Star #11.

Man on the Moon (Yellow)

This puzzle is quite simple when you know what to do. Place a box on a button and a fan on the same side. Grab the other fan piece and carry it with you as you step onto the fan and get blown over the wall.

Use the fan piece on the button to open the barrier and grab the Yellow Sigil.

Higher Ground (Red)

Grab the Jammer and climb up the sets of steps so you can jam the barrier on the left side.

Use the Jammer on the right side to jam the barrier to the back left.

Go through the barriers you just opened to pick up the Keys. On top of the platform in the center you’ll find a third Jammer. Use it to open the barrier to the back left.

Go through and use the Keys to unlock the gate. Go back and use the Jammer at the front on the high ledge to separate the Droids moving in unison on the right side.

Then use the Jammer to open the barrier center back. Go through with another Jammer and freeze one of the Droids to separate them.

Go to the front and use the right Jammer to open the barrier to the Sigil. Go through the maze and take the Jammer with you to open the barrier behind the gate. Dodge past the Droids and grab the Red Sigil.

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