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In the center you’ll spot the Fan and Camera behind barriers. You’ll unlock them later once you have the yellow sigils. Head through to Level 1 for 5 yellow sigils and a star.

World B Level 1

Just in front of you is the Terminal. Whether you explored the Tower or not you’ll get a message from a mysterious person. There’s also a few new messages to read. We’ll complete the puzzles starting from the left and going around clockwise.

Window through a Door (Yellow)

The red laser and a Connector are out in the open. Grab the Connector and connect it to the laser, placing it down where you can see the Droid. Grab the second Connector in the room to the left and place it down to connect the first connector with the red barrier.

When the barrier opens grab the third Connector. Go back and place the first connector so it can see the second Connector and the third Connector through the window.

Have the third Connector also connect to the red barrier and now it should stay open. This frees up the second Connector.

Grab the third Connector and use it to open the far barrier. Go through, climb the ladder and grab the Yellow Sigil.

Third Wheel (Yellow)

Grab the Connector on the left and use it to open the red barrier. Grab the second connector in the room with the blue laser and the third Connector to the right.

The red laser will need to move behind the blue and the blue in front. Now you have one Connector free to use on the pressure plate to open the final barrier for the Yellow Sigil.

Road of Death (Yellow)

Grab the Jammer and use it to freeze the Droid so you can grab the Box. Place the box on top of the Drone and release it to send it through the road of death.

Freeze the Droid on the other side. Climb up the ladder and run across to the other side. Grab the Box and use it to weight the pressure plate so you can go through for the Yellow Sigil. Climb the ladder for a shortcut out.

Over the Fence (Yellow)

Grab the Box so the Droid with the box on top of it blows up the Turret.

Use the boxes to get over the fence and grab the Jammer. Use the Jammer to open the barrier and grab the Yellow Sigil.

Something about a Star (Yellow)

The final Yellow Sigil is here behind the blue barrier and the Star is behind the red barrier.

The blue barrier is quite simple to open. Just attach the Laser to the blue barrier using the Connector. The Droid will get in the way but you have long enough for it to open so you can run in and grab the Yellow Sigil.

Star #10

Still in Something about a Star grab the Connector and place it by the entrance. Enter Window through a Door directly opposite. Grab two of the Connectors so you can send the red laser through the exit.

Go back to Something about a Star and use the red laser to open the red barrier for Star #10.

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