Speak with Haren Brogg at his house in the Outskirts of Vizima after completing the Strangers in the Night quest. He’ll have a new quest for you to deliver a Bandit’s Package to someone called Coleman in Vizima.

You can’t complete this quest until Chapter 2, after you’ve escaped the dungeon. The package will be confiscated and you can’t get it back.

Go to the Hairy Bear Inn (#1) in the Temple Quarter and speak with Coleman who’s in the back room. You have three options, either admit the parcel was confiscated (2,500 XP), offer to compensate Coleman for 100 orens (1,500 XP) or tell him it’s too bad and he can’t have the parcel (2,000 XP and you’ll be attacked by bandits later).

If you helped the Scoia’tael after the Strangers in the Night quest and let them have the goods then they will kill Coleman as soon as you enter the detective Raymond’s house in Vizima. Helping Scoia’tael means you can’t complete this quest.

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