This quest will only begin at night and only after you’ve met Vesna, the waitress at the Country Inn (#1). As you approach the point (#2) after 20:00 you’ll find Vesna fighting off some thugs who are trying to take advantage of her.

You can choose to ignore her pleas or help her by killing off the thugs. After the battle she’ll ask you to take her home safely to her Grandmother’s house (#3). On the way you’ll likely come across some Barghests so try to keep them focused on you. She can fight back with a little knife but she will die after taking a few bites from these hounds.

If you get her home safely not only will you receive 1,000 XP but she’ll offer to meet you at the Old Mill (#4) after sunset. Make sure you bring some Wine and you two will make love throughout the night. If you forget to meet her at the old mill she will still be waiting at the Old Mill on subsequent nights.

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