Of Monsters and Men is the first story quest after the Prologue and will continue for the entirety of Chapter 1. The quest begins when you’re attacked by the Barghests at the Eastern Gate (#1).

The quest will lead you on a hunt for the leader of the Barghests, known as the Beast. There are two people who can give you information about the beast, Abigail (#2) and the Reverend (#3).

Speak with both of them and exhaust all conversations with them. The Reverend will give you 5 Holy Flames with which to light the Eternal Fire Shrines (S). This can only be completed at night time. Barghests will spawn around the Shrines when you try to light them so be prepared for a fight. Barghests can best be dealt with using the Quick or Group attack styles.

Lighting the Eternal Fire Shrines will have no effect on the Barghests. Return to the Reverend and give him the bad news. He’ll reward you with 100 orens and blame Abigail who he thinks is a witch.

Return to Abigail and tell her the news. She claims she isn’t powerful enough to summon the Beast but the child Alvin may be able to divine some answers. Abigail needs a potion that requires 5 White Myrtle Petals. These can be found growing around the village. In order to be able to identify the petals you’ll need the Field Plants book which is sold by Abigail and have the Herbalism Skill in the Intelligence II skill tree.

Bring the White Myrtle Petals to Abigail who will then begin brewing a potion. Leave the hut and enter again. Speak with Abigail. Alvin will give a divination and it sounds like the villagers are to blame.

Return to the Reverend and he’ll say that he’ll talk to the villagers to find out who is responsible. You won’t be able to continue with this quest until you complete the The Salamanders Tail quest.

Once you’ve completed that quest you’ll find yourself outside a cave and being confronted by a mob of villagers.

You can either side with Abigail and protect her from the villagers or agree with the villagers but insist they hold a proper trial. After the decision you’ll be confronted by the Beast with either Abigail or Odo helping you out, depending on whether you protected Abigail or left her to her fate.

The Beast is a tough opponent and Barghests will continually spawn around it. Your best mode of attack is targeting the Beast with Group attack while there are other Barghests around and Strong attack when it’s alone. That way you can deal with the Barghests while focusing mainly on the Beast. The Aard sign also works occasionally but you may need to try a few times to knock the Beast over. A Swallow potion will help keep your vitality up and the Spectre Oil on your sword will help take down the Beast quickly.

Once the Beast has been defeated check the body for the Trace of the Beyond. This item can be used later to create a potion that gives you a Silver skill point.

If you dispersed the villagers earlier then they will come back and attack. You’ll need to kill the villagers that you performed quests for earlier. Once killed the Revered will drop a Letter of Safe Conduct that you can loot to hopefully get into the town of Vizima. If you sided with the villagers then the Reverend will give you the letter.

Finish up The Salamander’s Tail quest by picking up Shani at the Inn and going to the Mill Gate. The guards will capture you and you’ll be thrown into the Vizima Dungeons. This is the end of Chapter 1.

Map Locations

1) Eastern Gate
2) Abigail’s House
3) The Chapel & Rev’s House

S) Eternal Fire Shrines

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