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McAuliffe 1

McAuliffe 1After clearing out the Enyo System you’ll head to McAuliffe where you get to fly the slightly larger Scimitar with Paladin as your wingman. The first mission is a regular patrol.

Briefing: Just fly to the Nav Points, and make sure they’re clear. Long-range scanners indicate some sort of debris near Nav 3. We have reason to believe this might be a Kilrathi mine field so be especially careful in that area.

Nav 1 – You’ll be attacked by 3 Dralthi here.

Nav 2 – Clear.

Nav 3 – There is a minefield before Nav 3 although if you spend a little extra time you’ll be able to fly around it to the Nav point.

Nav 4 – As you approach the last Nav point you’ll be intercepted by 3 Salthi.

McAuliffe 2

McAuliffe 2In this mission you’ll get your first experience taking down a Kilrathi capital ship, the Ralari. It’s most vulnerable to attack from behind. First take down the Krant escorts and then make runs on the rear engines. Boosting away when you get too close.

Briefing: If the bogie continues its present course and speed you should meet it here, at Nav 1. We’ve detected a fighter escort in the area as well so be on the lookout for additional bogies.

On the way to Nav 1 – 4 Dralthi

Nav 1 – There will be 2 Krant as escorts for the Ralari capship.

McAuliffe 3

McAuliffe 3Your next mission will be to meet a tanker, the Drayman, at the rendezvous point and then escort it back to the Tiger’s Claw. Stay near the transport and take out the enemy fighters as quickly as possible.

Briefing: You’ll rendezvous with a Drayman-class tanker here, at Nav 1. As soon as it arrives, the tanker will head for the Tiger’s Claw. It’ll be moving at top speed, and won’t deviate from its shortest course so you’ll have to protect it from any attackers. Stay close … don’t let enemy fighters draw you away from the tanker.

Nav 1 – This is the rendezvous point where the Drayman will jump in. There rae 4 Krant here and you’ll have a few minutes to blast away at them before the Drayman arrives.

Back to Tiger’s Claw – On the way back you’ll run into 3 Salthi. One is piloted by Bhurak Starkiller. Try to target him first otherwise the Drayman is toast.

Success: Gimle System

Failure: Brimstone System