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Towards the bottom left area of The Agora you’ll find a door to the Sewers. Go through the sewers and make your way towards the bottom. The entrance to Hades is found at the very bottom of the sewers. You’ll need to pay the Ferryman to take you across to Hades. While you’re crossing the river Charon will tell you that you can seek audience with Hades but you’ll need to cross five rivers.

You’l cross the first river, the River Styx, as you’re talking to Charon. Then there’s Lethe, Acheron, Cocytus and Phlegethon. They can be found by entering through the doors around Hades. Don’t spend too much time killing the Skeletons around here. They come back to life after a few seconds.

Cross the River Cocytus

Cocytus is found to the bottom left area of Hades. It’s quite a simple mission. Get on the boat and pull the lever to start it sailing. Stay onboard while enemies climb up from the sides. I like using the spear to knock them back but any weapon will do. Go through the door on the other side to complete the objective.

Cross the River Phlegethon

Phlegethon is a river of fire located towards the bottom right of Hades. You’ll need to move quickly to avoid getting burnt. Taking a Potion of Alacrity may help you move a little quicker. Pull the Lever to the left to open the sealed door. When you do the flames will start rising. Make your way quickly up to the top of the cave. There are a few secret areas along the way that you can open for extra loot if you have the time. If the flames are close just keep jumping. Go through the door at the top to complete the objective.

Meet the Necromancer (Optional)

On the right side of Hades is a door that can only be opened with the Sigil of the Necromancer. This is found by talking to the Witch in the secret area to the bottom left of the Forest of Artemis. Use the Sigil to open the door and make your way up and to the right until you find the Necromancer. He sells recipes.

Cross the River Lethe

Lethe is the river of forgetfulness. It can be found towards the top right area of Hades. When you enter take a look at the symbols above the door. One of the symbols is missing. You want to find the door that has the missing symbol. Go through it to another area. You’ll need to find the door with the missing symbol three times before you can cross the river and complete the objective.

Cross the River Acheron

To the top left you’ll find the door to the River Acheron. As you make your way through you’ll need to stand on large buttons and wait for the doors to open while being attacked by Skeletons. Use your shield and spear to keep them at bay. If you’re having trouble spawn in a Wolf or Hawk to distract the skeletons.

Once you’ve crossed all of the rivers the door to the House of Hades will be unsealed. Go through to speak to Persephone.

House of Hades

When you enter the House of Hades the tyrant from Dion will want revenge. This time he has a flaming blade and spawns in skeletons. Defeat him and then head across to the right to speak with Persephone. She’ll give you Seeds and take back to the Fields of Demeter.

Run to the right and speak with Demeter. She’ll give you the Sheaf of Demeter that restores more health when you eat food. Exit back through the Olympian Gates.

The Olympian Gates

Run to the left until you find Hera and Zeus. Zeus is upset with you stealing the gifts of the Gods and casts you back down to the Village of Dion.

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