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Arroyo is your home village and you’ll arrive here once you complete the Temple of Trials. The Elder will give you Vic’s Flask. Make sure you hang onto it because you can use it as proof that you came from one of the vaults later. There’s a few quests here, the main one is to find the Geck (Garden of Eden Creation Kit). Once you leave Arroyo you’re free to roam the world and explore wherever you like.

1) Retrieve the GECK for Arroyo

This is the main quest for the game and you won’t solve it here. Once you’ve completed the other quests make your way towards the town of Klamath.

2) Rescue Nagor’s Dog, Smoke, from the Wilds

On the eastern side of the village you’ll run into a guy called Nagor and he asks you to find his dog. Head to the exit on the western side of the village that leads to the Hunting Grounds. The dog is lost in the wilderness with Geckos roaming about. The Geckos are difficult with a low level character so you may need to hit and run to take them out. Not all the Geckos will attack on sight so try to sneak past as many as you can. Keep your eye out for Xander Root and Broc Flowers which the Medicine Man can use to make Healing Powders. When you approach the dog it will follow you back to the village. Head back to Nagor for 100 XP.

3) Kill the evil plants that infest Hakunin’s garden

The Medicine Man is in the north-west of the main village. Large plants have overrun his garden in the north and he asks you to clear them out. The plants are pretty difficult to kill but are stuck to the spot and have limited range. When you’ve killed them return to the Medicine Man for 2 Healing Powders.

4) Find Vic the Trader

Vic is found in The Den so you’ll need to wait until you reach that town to complete this quest.

5) Fix the well for Feargus

In the center of the village you’ll see a broken well. Next to it you’ll hear Feargus complaining about it. Repair the well, it doesn’t matter what your Repair skill is, for 100 XP.

6) Obtain flint to have Mynoc sharpen your spear

To the south of the village is The Canyon. Guarding the bridge is a villager called Mynoc. If you have Perception 6 or higher you’ll notice his sharpened spear. Ask him about it and he’ll offer to sharpen your spear if you give him a piece of Flint.

Go back to the village and speak to Aunt Morlis. She has a piece of Flint and if you ask her nicely and pass the speech check she’ll give it to you for free. You can also trade her 3 Healing Powders for it, barter with her for it or steal it. Stealing it will reduce your Karma.

Head back to Mynoc and he’ll take your Spear and replace it with a Sharpened Spear. If you have no spears he’ll give you one of his own.

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