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Navarro looks like an old gas station but it’s a cover for one of the Enclave bases and a stopover for the maintenance and refuelling of vertibirds.

Once you’ve been to San Francisco you’ll have the quest to retrive the vetribird plans for the Shi, Hubologists or Brotherhood of Steel. For the most XP give the plans to the Brotherhood first of all because they’ll give you a copy which you can sell to one of the other groups.

When you first arrive Chris will tell you that there’s nothing here and persuade you to leave. If you’ve spoken with the Brotherhood you can pretend to bd a new recruit. Either leave or companions behind or make sure they’re wearing Power Armor otherwise Chris won’t believe you. The entrance to the base is just behind the gas station.

Oncce inside you’ll need to wear Power Armor or you’ll stand out. Take one of the lifts to the underground area and head to the locker room in the north west corner. In this room you’ll find the armor as well as plenty of other weapons.

Get the Vertibird Plans for the Brotherhood

This quest is initiated from San Francisco. See that page for details on how to retrieve the vertibird plans.

Retrieve the FOB from the Base Commander

The FOB is in a locker in the commander’s room in the underground area of the base. To get into the office pretend you’re the cleaner, bluff the guards, sneak past them or fight your way in. More details are on the San Francisco page.

Deal with the Deathclaw

In a locked room to the south of the underground area a Deathclaw is being held. Speak to Dr. Schreber about it and he’ll tell you the Deathclaw is going to be executed. Convince the doctor that you’ll execute the Deathclaw for him. You’ll need a Blue Pass Key to open the door to the south. You may still have one from Gecko. If not you can search the Doctors desk to find one. Tell the guard that you have permission to enter. You can either kill the Deathclaw and help it escape. Freeing it gives you 1500 XP while killing it nets you 1200 XP.

Fix K-9

Dr. Schreber has a K-9 cyberdog in the lab with him. It’s not moving becuase the doctor removed the motivator unit with the dog bit him. The motivator can be found in the northwest hanger lockers behind Raul the mechanic. You can either tell Raul that the Doctor wants the Motivator back or tell Raul the Quincy wants to see him. Either way grab the K-9 Motivator and install it in the K-9 cyberdog. You may need to kill Dr. Schreber beforoe installing the unit. Once the K-9 is fixed you’ll have a another faithful companion.

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