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San Francisco is home mostly to the Shi, the descendents of the Chinese who crashed a submarine here. There’s also the Hubologists who are attempting to make an old space shuttle fly again, the Brother of Steel who have a small office in Chinatown and a small population of vagrants and disenfranchised people living on an old tanker.

There are many quests to do here but you should focus first on finding the vertibird plans in Navarro and bringing them to one of the groups here. Eventually you’ll need to find a way across the sea to the Enclave in search of the lost Arroyo tribe.

1) The Dragon wants you to take out Lo Pan – hand to hand

When you arrive in San Francisco the first thing you’ll see is a boxing ring in the middle of Chinatown. Two men are fighting, one bare-chested and the other in black. The two fighters have two different schools of kung fu. The bare-chested man is the Dragon and has his school on the right. The other is Lo Pan and he has his school on the left.

Speak with the Dragon to find out about the rivalry between the two schools. You can fight Lo Pan for him if you have Unarmed Combat skill of at least 125%. Otherwise you can train with the Dragon to increase your skill by 5%. I believe you can do this 6 times but must wait a day between each training session.

When you are ready tell the Dragon you want to fight. You’ll need to defeat six of the Dragon’s students before he’ll let you face Lo Pan. Enter Lo Pan’s gym and challenge him to a fight. You’ll need to defeat him and his four followers quickly. If you take too long Lo Pan will pull out a .223 pistol. Return to the Dragon for your reward of 8000 XP.

2) Lo Pan wants you to take out the Dragon – hand to hand, if possible

This quest is similar to the one above except you’ll be fighting for Lo Pan. Visit Lo Pan in his gym and ask to fight for him. You’ll need Unarmed Combat skill of at least 125%. When you are ready you’ll face six of Lo Pan’s students before taking on the Dragon.

3) Get Chip’s spleen

Chip can be found in the tanker just below the General Store. Talk to him to find out he lost his spleen in a bet while in a drunken stupor. He said Lao Chou won it from him and begs you to get it back.

Lao Chou runs the Flying Dragon 8, a general store just west of the entrance to San Francisco. Talk to him to find out he sold it to Dr. Wong. Find Dr. Wong in the Shi Temple and tell him that the spleen belongs to a human. He’ll let you have it for free. You’ll need someone to perform the operation so find Dr. Fung, who has a practice in Chinatown and ask him for help. If you got along with Doc Holliday in Broken Hills he’ll do it for free, otherwise it’ll cost you $1,000.

Once the operation has been organized go back to Chip and let him know. Come back to see Chip in the same place a day later for more XP. You get 2000 XP for finding the spleen and another 3000 XP for going back to see Chip after the operation. You’ll now be the talk of the tanker and will be free to speak with the Captain.

4) Get the vertibird plans for the Brotherhood of Steel

In the south west corner of Chinatown you’ll find the Brotherhood of Steel outpost. Speak to Matt, who’s lingering around outside, and he’ll tell you that the Brotherhood is interested in you and wants you to do some work for them. The Enclave has vertibird plans in their compound in Navarro. Matt wants you to steal them and bring them back.

Leave your companions behind and go to Navarro. It looks just like a gas station. Talk to Chris and tell him you’re a new recruit. He gives you the password “sheephead” so you can get past the guards at the gate behind the gas station. If you’re not wearing power armor make sure you go to the armory and get some so you don’t look out of place.

There are three ways to get the Vertibird Plans. They’re located in a locker in the maintenance hangar. The technicians name is Quincy. If you have a good sneak skill you can sneak and search the locker to find the Vertibird Plans.

Alternatively you can speak with Quincy about the plans. He tells you that you need authorization to see them. Speak with Raul, in the hangar to the west. He’s too busy to chat. Go see the Sergeant and he’ll put you on guard duty in Raul’s workshop. Speak with Quincy and tell him Raul needs the plans. He’ll give you permission to take them out of the locker.

Lastly you can speak with the cook in the south west building to find out about the rivalry between Quincy and Raul. Take the elevator to the underground level and speak with the technician in the white suit about the plans. Go see Quincy and tell him a technician asked for the plans. Quincy will ask if it was Raul. Tell him it was and he’ll give you permission to take the Vertibird Plans.

Take the plans back to Matt at the Brotherhood of Steel outpost and he’ll give you access to all of their outposts. Completing this quest gets you 20000 XP. He’ll also give you a Copy of the Vertibird Plans which you can then sell to someone else if you want.

5) The Hubologists need plans for a vertibird from Navarro

The Hubologists also want plans for the vertibird. As you’ll get a copy of the plans when you give them to Matt at the Brotherhood is worthwhile doing that quest first. Talk to AHS-7 or AHS-9 to find out about the quest. Once you have the plans (see previous quest) give them to AHS-7 for 3500 XP but you’ll lose 20 Karma

6) The Shi need plans for a vertibird from Navarro

The Shi also want the Vertibird Plans. Speak to Ken Lee in the Steel Palace to find out about this quest. You can give them a copy of the plans after giving the first copy to Matt from the Brotherhood of Steel. You’ll be rewarded with 5000 XP and a chance to speak with the Emperor.

7) Steal the vertibird plans from the Hubologists

If you gave a copy of the plans to the Hubologists the Shi will ask you to steal them. Speak with Ken Lee in the Steel Palace to take on this quest. You can get a copy of the plans by speaking to Dave Handy outside the Hubologists base and convining him to make a copy of the plans. You can also speak to Badger, near a computer in the tanker, and ask him to hack into the computer. You need to have rescued Badger’s girlfriend before he’ll hack into the computer for you. Take the plans back to Ken Lee to complete this quest.

8) Steal the vertibird plans from the Shi

If you gave the vertibird plans to the Shi then the Hubologists will ask you to steal the plans from them. If you’ve rescued Badger’s girlfriend already then ask him to hack into the Shi computer and steal the plans. Take them to AHS-7 to complete the quest.

9) The tanker needs fuel

Once you have the Captain’s trust you can speak to him about the PMV Valdez. It needs a few things to be fixed before you can take it to the Enclave across the ocean. One necessary component is fuel. There’s a few ways you can get it.

The first is to retrieve the vertibird plans for the Shi. Ken Lee will then give you access to the Emperor, which is a computer. You can then use the computer to transfer fuel to the tanker. You can convince Ken Lee to let you see the Emperor without retrieving the plans if you have high enough Karma, Charisma and Intelligence.

Alternatively you can rescue Badger’s girlfriend and then ask Badger to hack into the Shi’s computer to transfer the fuel. This will unfortunately result in Badger being killed by the Shi but at least you’ll have the fuel.

You can also speak to Dr. Jing Tie Gahng in the Steel Palace and trade the fuel for a suit of Hardened Power Armor.

10) You need to use a FOB to access the navigation computer

If you’ve found the vertibird plans you should already have access to the Navarro base. The FOB for the tanker is in the commander’s office in the underground level of the base. There are a few ways into the office. You can pose as the cleaning crew, sneak past the guards, bluff them or kill them. To pose as the cleaning crew talk to the guard. He’ll tell you that the cleaning crew is coming in an hour. Rest for an hour and come back again. This time pretend you’re the cleaner. Once inside the office the commander will let you look through his locker and take the FOB.

11) The navigation computer needs the NavComp part to work

Make sure you’ve completed the previous quest before attempting this one because you’ll need the FOB to get access to the navigation computer. The NavCom parts are found in a locker on the third level of Vault 13. To reach the navigation computer you’ll need to wade through the many creatures in the hold of the tanker and then head up the stairs to the navigation room. Use the FOB to get access to the navigation computer and then install the NavCom parts. You’ll be rewarded with 5000 XP and will be one step closer to getting to the Enclave.

12) The Hubologists need fuel for their spaceship

AHS-7 in the Hubologists base will give you this quest but only if you’ve already given them the vertibird plans. The Hubologists want fuel for their spaceship. You can get it from the Steel Palace by trading Dr. Jing Tie Gahng for it. He wants Hardened Power Armor. You can get the armor by speaking to Crockett in the Hubologists base. It will cost you $10,000 to get your Power Armor upgraded. Take this to Dr Jing Tie Gahng and in exchange ask him to deliver fuel to the Hubologists base. You’ll be given 110000 XP as a reward but lose 22 Karma.

13) Kill Badger so the tanker vagrants will embrace the hub

AHS-9 or AHS-7 will give you this quest if you decide to join the Hubologists. Badger is in the tanker. You can either kill him yourself or convince him to hack into the Shi computer network. The Shi will send two guards over to kill him. Once you’ve completed this quest the Hubologists will ask you to steal the vertibird plans for them.

14) Kill the Shi Emperor

The Shi are well-liked in San Francisco. If you kill them the townsfolk will become hostile. The Emperor is not really a person but a computer but the Hubologists don’t know this. Head to the Steel Palace and kill Ken Lee in the temple. You can kill him directly and face the anger of nearly everyone in San Fran, or inject at least 13 Super Stimpaks into him and make it look like he had a heart attck. Either way you’ll be rewarded with 8000 XP and lose 60 Karma.

15) Kill the AHS-9

Ken Lee, of the Shi, wants you to kill AHS-9, the leader of the Hubologists. Once you kill him the entire base will turn hostile. You’ll need to fight your way out. The forcefields at the entrance to the base will also be turned on. To turn them off use the Repair skill on the emitters next to the force fields. Return to Ken Lee to gain access to the Emperor.

16) Find Badger’s girlfriend in the hold below the ship

If you gave a copy of the plans to the Shi speak to AHS-7 in the Hubologists base. Head back to the tanker and ask Badger to hack into the Shi computer to get the plans. You’ll need to have rescued his girlfriend before he’ll do this favour for you.

Badger is worried that his girlfriend wandered in the monster-infested hold of the ship. He wants you to rescue her. There are two ways down to the hold, either take the ladder behind Badger of the stairs down on the northern side of the ship.

The hold is overrun with Aliens, Centaurs and Floaters. There are so many that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Leave your companions behind if you’re worried about them.

Once the hold is clear go and talk to Suze and bring her back to Badger. If requested he’ll hack into the computer for you for a few of the other quests. Completing this quest gives you 5000 XP and is also one way to get the Captain to trust you.

17) Get some hardened power armor from Crockett

Crockett is a scientist in the Hubologists base. He’s not a Hubologist himself, he only works here. He offers to harden power armor for a fee of $10,000. This process takes one day to complete and he can harden up to two sets of power armor. Hardened power armor increases the resistances to all forms of damage.

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