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Gecko is a ghoul town just northeast of Vault City. The main quests here involve repairing the nuclear powerplant and restoring relations with Vault City. Harry is the mayor of Gecko and Festus runs the powerplant.

1) Solve the Gecko powerplant problem

This quest begins in Vault City.

2) Optimize the powerplant

Once the powerplant has been repaired speak with Fester again and he’ll tell you that it’s no longer a threat but needs to be optimized. He’ll give you an Optimization Disc and asks you to get the data from Vault City.

There are two ways to get the data. Either speak to McClure in the Council Building and convince him to give you the optimized data or go to Vault 8 and use the Vault Computer on Level 3. Return to Fester and give him the disc to complete the quest and be rewarded with 2500 XP.

3) Get super repair kit for Skeeter

This quest is connected to the multi-part quest to get the Highwayman running. Speak with Skeeter to find out the car needs a Fuel Cell Controller to get it running. Luckily he has one spare but will only give it to you in exchange for a Super Repair Kit. The kit can be found in Vault City by giving Valerie Tools and a Wrench. Go back and see her the following day for the Super Repair Kit. A Super Repair Kit can also be purchased from the Chop Shop owner in New Reno or from Smitty in the Den. Give the Super Repair Kit to Skeeter in exchange for the Fuel Cell Controller.

4) Get 3-step plasma transformer for Skeeter

Once you’ve completed the previous quest Skeeter will ask you to bring him a Plasma Transformer. You can get it from the powerplant but you’ll need a Requisition Form. You can find one in Harold’s Office. Take the form to Jeremy and he’ll give you the transformer. Take it back to Skeeter to complete the quest and he’ll upgrade any one of your weapons.

5) Find Woody the ghoul for Percy, Try the Den

Speak with Percy and he’ll tell you he’s worried about his friend Woody. Make your way to the Den West Side and find a guy called the Great Ananias. Agree to see his exhibition, supposedly an ancient mummy. You’ll notice it’s actually a ghoul wrapped up in toilet paper. It’s Woody! Wake him up and tell him to make a run for it. Return to Percy for your reward of 3 Rad-X and 4 RadAway.

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