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Landing Site

After landing on the island you’ll need to get up to Amanda Kirby to stop her shouting out and causing a distraction. Walk across to the right, switch to Paul Kirby and use the grappling hook to pull down the wall on the cliff. Switch to Billy and climb up the wall.

Walk across the to the right, climb over the gap and up to the higher level. Continue right and push over the last telephone pole. Switch to Paul and use the grapple to make a rope. Climb up and have Alan dig up the bones then make a bridge to the left.

Walk across the bone bridge and use Paul to fix the machine. Turn the crank to lift up the blue bin and then jump everyone across. Switch to Alan Grant, cut the vines and use the dangling vine to swing across. Break the objects on the rooftop and assemble them into a staircase. Push the staircase across and make your way over to Amanda.

Amber – Corythosaurus

Just behind where you assemble the staircase and push it to the left you’ll see the Amber Fossil. You can only grab it in Free Play mode with someone agile who can bounce off walls.


1 (Free Play): Switch to a female character and jump up to grab the bar on the plane and open the door.

2 (Free Play): Use the Dilophosaurus to break the box on the trunk of the car to the left side of the area.

3 (Free Play): Destroy the 3 gas cylinders with targets on them. The first is behind the plane, the second next to the container in the center and the third to the far right.

4: Cut the vine around the pole to the far right to drop the kit.

5 (Free Play): Use a Crowbar to open the container. Go inside for the minikit.

6 (Free Play): in the house next to the plane is a hatch. Go through with a small character to get inside. Use the computer and the kit will drop from the sky.

7 (Free Play): Opposite the house is a bunch of objects. Destroy them to reveal a scent for a Raptor. Follow the trail, dig up the bricks and assemble the minikit.

Spinosaurus Chase

Just like the previous chase scenes. Try to avoid getting hit and pick up the three Minikits along the way.


8: Stay close to the right side for the first kit in the chase scene.

9: Destroy the 3 Longhorn Skulls along the way. The first is on the left, the second on the right and the third in the middle.

10: Once the camera switches position so the car is driving to the right stay to the back of the screen.

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