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Glacial Peak

Power Seals: 1

For this level you’ll be making your way up the Glacial Peak to the Tower of Time. Along the way we’ll stop for a Power Seal. Use the Lanterns and the ledges to make your way up. Some of the ledges are icy so you’ll slide when you run on them. To stop just do a little jump and you’ll land static. Up and to the right one screen you’ll find the first shop.

Checkpoint #1 (Shop)

Jump and glide to the right and then continue the upward climb. Continue up as far as you can and then one screen to the left you’ll find the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint #2

Jump and glide to make the gap to the left and then continue navigating your way up the mountain. Some of the ledges have ice hanging over the edge. When you land on them you’ll have about a second to jump again before the ice falls off.

Head up the icy platforms to the top and then go to the right. Use the bouncy cushion to make it up to the next ice ledge. Make your way across the ice ledges to the right and then up to the next shop.

Checkpoint #3 (Shop)

Use the bouncy pad to get up to the moving ice ledge. Continue up and take the exit to the top right. This leads to a large Crystal.

Head back the way you came and continue to the left. Take the next exit up and then use the bouncy pads and Lanterns to make your way across the spikes to the left.

Use the Lanterns to get up the thin passage and then make your way past the Ice Elementals to the right where you’ll find the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint #4

The Warrior in the brown cloak can’t be defeated. Shoot a Ki at him to make him teleport behind you and then jump and glide to avoid his thrusting attack.

Make your way up the mountain until you reach a point where you can go left or up. The Power Seal can be found in the room above.

Use the icy platforms to ride over to the right and jump up to grab Power Seal #7.

Drop down the way you came and take the exit to the left. Continue making your way up and then left to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint #5

Climb up past the Orange Demons and then across the breaking platforms to the left. Use the Lanterns to jump up and continue up the side of the mountain.

Up the top make your way to the right for the final Shop. Just to the right you’ll meet the 3 Sages and enter the Tower of Time.

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