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Tower of Time HQ

When you enter the Tower of TIme HQ head to the left to meet the other Messengers. They have mission for you to find the 6 missing Music Keys. From this room you can go through any of the open portals. The details around the portals will give you clue to the location on the other side.

Enter through the first portal on the left to be taken to the Autumn Hills. The Messenger on the other side will tell you about the “scroll” which is actually a map. You can open the Map at any time to see where you are.

Autumn Hills

From the Portal make your way left and then up to the Shop roughly in the center of the map. If you’ve been following this walkthrough you’ll have one Power Seal already. There are another 3 in this area.

Power Seal #13

If you head left to the next shop and up you’ll find a Time Barrier. In 16-Bit mode there’s an exit leading up. Climb up.

Jump into the wind currents and glide across to the left, avoiding the spinning blades. On the other side you’ll find Power Seal #13.

Key of Hope

Drop down and head back to the right. In 16-Bit you’ll find another exit leading down.

Follow the path around. You’ll need to pass between 16-Bit and 8-Bit multiple times as you make your way forwards. You’ll pass a Shop and a Checkpoint along the way. The path is linear so you can’t get lost. Eventually you’ll find the first musical note at a Checkpoint, the Key of Hope.

Power Seal #14

Head back to the central shop and make your way up using the Glow Birds. When you strike them they’ll throw up a barrier around them that shows invisible objects. Climb up the ledges they reveal to the top and continue to the right.

Head all the way to the right but before going to the next screen jump and grapple to the bit of cliff on the top right of the screen. Climb up to a room with spinning blades and two swings.

Jump to the top swing, drop down to the lower swing to make it under the blades and jump up again. On the left side you’ll find Power Seal #14.

Power Seal #15

For the final Power Seal for this area you’ll need to be in 8-Bit. Head to the area where we found the Power Seal the first time we visited this area. This time use the down strike ability to break the blocks on the right side.

Use the Rope Dart and cloud step ability to make it around the spikes and up to Power Seal #15.

When you’re done here make your way to the east until you arrive back at the Ninja Village.

Ninja Village

Run all the way to the left to the ocean, then jump up to the branch and use the grapple to grab the bit of wood at the top of the screen. You’ll need to be in 16-Bit to see it.

Climb up to find Power Seal #16 inside the tree.

Make your way back to the right and use the Time Barrier to go back to 8-Bit. Head across to the right and speak with the Ninja Master. He’ll give you the Astral Seed for you to plant so you can bring him back some Astral Tea Leaves later.

Make your way back to Autumn Hills and enter one of the Shops. Inside the shop go out the exit on the left side and you’ll be back in the Tower of Time HQ.

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