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From the Tower of Time HQ go through the Portal to Searing Crags. Keep the time in 16-Bit and climb up the crags. Climb up the rope to Glacial Peak. You can also take the Portal to the top of Glacial Peak but it means you need to climb all the way down to find the first Power Seals.

Glacial Peak

Climb up to the room above and if you’re in 16-Bit you’ll be able to grapple across the ring to the secret area.

Make your way across the falling ice and drop down. Head across the next section of falling ice to falling ice to Power Seal #39.

Climb up and you’ll pass through a Time Barrier forcing you into 8-Bit. Keep climbing up and you’ll meet the Monk (Queen of Quills). She’ll help you by warming up some of the lamps. You’ll use them in the future.

Run to the right and change the time to 16-Bit. Head back to where you found the Monk and Manfred will be there but he’s encased in ice. Before you free him drop down to the Checkpoint and then right one screen. Break the block up the top to find the secret area.

Cloud step off the fireballs from the little creature and then rope dart across the spikes to the far wall. Then make your way around to Power Seal #40.

Head back up and climb up to Manfred. Jump across and break the ice crystal to free him. He’ll take you to the Elemental Skylands.

Elemental Skylands

For the first section of this level you’ll be flying on Manfred. Use the fireballs to take out any enemies. Hold down the fire button to charge up a larger fireball. You’ll have these flying sections between each of the islands.

Air Skyland

Each of the islands is quite small. You’ll need to find your way to the Shield Generator and destroy the lamps around it.

Head across to the left and swing up to the top left. Use the air currents to float up to the screen above. You’ll then need to use the Ghosts to grapple and cloud step over to Power Seal #41.

Drop back down and head to the right. Jump off the edge of the island and you’ll land on Manfred for another flying section.

Earth Skyland

There is no power seal on this island so just make your way around through the multiple Time Barriers. Climb up and then head across the top of the island to the left. Drop down past the Shop and you’ll find the second Shield Generator.

Exit to the lower right and drop off the island to Manfred. He’ll take you to the next island.

Water Skyland

From the start head all the way across to the right and you’ll find Power Seal #42. Swim through the crushers and drop down on the right side to pick it up.

Go back the way you came and swim down to the Time Barrier. Change it to 16-Bit, swim up and then drop down on the right side.

make your way over to the right, change the time to 8-Bit and then jump and glide over to the cliff on the right side. Climb up to the very top and then go across to the Shop to the right. Drop down for the third Shield Generator.

Run across to the right and jump off the island so Manfred can pick you up for the next flying section.

Fire Skyland

The final Power Seal is very difficult. Make your way across to the right and once you’ve jump across the section with the breakable ledges go off the screen to the lower right.

You’ll need to downward slash, then cloud jump up the three sets of fireballs until you reach the top. Once you’ve successfully done that you’ll be able to pick up Power Seal #42 from the ledge above.

Float back down and continue on your way to the Fire Shield Generator. Destroy all the lamps and climb up and to the right to leave the island.

Clockwork Concierge Boss Fight

The boss fight with the Clockwork Concierge is actually quite easy.

Shoot fireballs at the head, the 3 cannons and the panel at the back. Once they all start smoking the front panel will open so you can hit the clockwork heart. Repeat this process three times and the Clockwork Concierge will be defeated. He’s actually a good guy really and offers to train Manfred up to be a butler once he’s finished his quest.

Once you’re done Manfred will take you back to the Glacial Peak. Go through one of the shops to the Tower of Time HQ.

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