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Ninja Village

Power Seals: 0

After the cutscene make your way to the right to the Ninjas. They’ll show you how to perform the cloud jump. Continue to the right to meet the Ninja Master. While he’s telling you about the Demon army they will attack.

Head to the right to see what’s going on. After the cutscene the hero will give you a Scroll and tell you to make your way to Glacial Peak to meet the three Sages. Make your way to the right to enter the next area.

Autumn Hills

Power Seals: 1

For the first part of the game you’ll mostly be moving right or up. Try to collect as many Time Shards along the way. You’ll use them to upgrade your abilities in the shop. When you come across a Checkpoint your game will be saved. Walking past a Shop also acts like a Checkpoint.

Continue to the right and drop down the gap. At the bottom you’ll find a Shop.

Checkpoint #1 (Shop)

Enter the Shop and talk to the Sage. He’ll give you the Climbing Claws so you can wall climb. You can also buy upgrades here if you have the Time Shards. The Strike of the Ninja ability is quite important as it’ll let you strike enemy projectiles.

Leave the shop, climb up the wall on the right and drop down the other side. Continue make your way to the right while dodging the enemy fire and grapping as many Time Shards as you can.

This level is fairly easy so there isn’t much to say. Just keep going until you reach the next Checkpoint.

Checkpoint #2

Just to the right drop into the water. Later you can buy an upgrade the lets you swim faster in water. For now make your way around slowly until you can pull out. Grab the Green Vase to replenish your health and drop back into the water on the other side.

Swim around past the moving blades and up so you can climb out. Continue making your way to the right and swim under the wall of spikes. A little to the right you’ll come to the next shop.

Checkpoint #3 (Shop)

Make your way up the ledges to the top and then take the exit to the right. Continue to the right past the enemies and obstacles. Grab the Green Vase along the way if you need the health and then use the swing to climb up to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint #4

Head to the right and drop down. There’s another Green Vase if you need it. Otherwise just continue to the right and take a detour for the first Power Seal. When you see the room shown below break the blocks in the lower left corner. Drop down to another room.

When you drop down you’ll land on the next Checkpoint.

Checkpoint #5

Use the two swings to dodge the spike ball and make it up to the exit to the right. In the next room you’ll find Power Seal #1.

There are another 2 Power Seals in this area but this is the only one you can grab the first time you visit. Make your way back up and head to the right.

Eventually you’ll come to the final Shop before the boss. Buy any upgrades if you want and break the lamps to get full health.

Leaf Monster

The Leaf Monster is the easiest boss fight. He has a couple of different attacks. While standing on the ground he’ll throw his leaves at you.

Then he’ll jump up to the ledge above and throw his leaves down. They leaves will split off in either direction so you’ll need to either jump or duck under them. When he drops back down continue hitting him. It shouldn’t take more than a few cycles to defeat him.

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