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Searing Crag

Power Seals: 1

There is one new ability for this level, the Rope Dart, or grappling hook. There’s also one Power Seal to pick up along the way. You’ll be climbing to the top of the Crag where you’ll face the giants Colos and Suses.

From the start head to the right to the first Shop. Enter and speak to the Sage to be given the Rope Dart.

Checkpoint #1 (Shop)

Climb up the wall to the right and use the Rope Dart on the right. If you use the Rope Dart on a ring you’ll be given a large boost. Using it on Lanterns or Enemies will give you a small boost.

Climb up using the Rope Dart and the Lanterns. There’s only one path to take so you can’t get lost. A little way up you’ll find a Health Flask on a ledge to the left.

Continue up to the next Shop.

Checkpoint #2 (Shop)

From here drop down and use the rings to grapple around the spikes. Take the only other exit on the right side going up.

There’s only one path to take so follow it around and continue your climb up to the top. A little way up you’ll come to the next Shop.

Checkpoint #3 (Shop)

Make your way through the Crags to the right and up. When you get to a screen with a Green Demon, Lantern and Blue Demon take the exit straight up.

Break the block and you’ll find the next checkpoint behind it.

Checkpoint #3

Wait for the spiked crushers to open and use the Rope Dart to grapple across the Lanterns to the other side.

From here climb up and you’ll find Power Seal #6 between 2 Lanterns.

Head to the left and drop down. Go back the way you came and continue your ascent. Just above you’ll find another Shop.

Checkpoint #4 (Shop)

Make your way to the right over the spikes and then start climbing up the final cavern. This climb is a little bit tricky, escpecially with the Vulture charging towards you.

Once you reach the top head to the left for the final shop.

Colos and Suses Boss Fight

These two large characters are big and slow. Colos can’t be attacked from the front so do a cloud step over him and hit him from behind. Suses can be attacked from the front but occasionally will use a whip for a close ranged attack.

Colos will also charge and then bang into one of the walls, throw rocks at you or hit Suses like a ball. Keep moving to stay out of the way of these attacks. Once they’ve both taken enough damage they’ll give up and help you to the next area.

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