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Quillshroom Marsh

Power Seals: 1

The Quillshroom Marsh introduces a few new mushroom enemies. The Red Shrooms shoot spikes at you and the Blue Shroom shoot their top at you before it comes back like a boomerang.

Make your way to the right and grab the Time Shards around the Lantern if you want.

Drop down and head to the right for the first shop.

Checkpoint #1 (Shop)

Just to the right of the shop use the Lantern on either side to jump onto the ledge. From here jump up to the room above.

Use the Lanterns to cloud jump around the spikes to Power Seal #5.

When you grab it the barrier will open so you can easily get back down.

Continue to the right and grab the Health Flask along the way if you need it. Dodge past the swinging spiked ball and head over to the next Checkpoint.

Checkpoint #2

Head to the right and dodge past another spiked ball. This time its over quicksand. You’ll need to glide over the ball and then continue jumping so you don’t get bogged down.

Make your way to the right, use the wheel to open the barrier and drop down. Continue to the right past the Shrooms and Blue Demons and then climb up the ledges. Take the exit to the top right to the next Shop.

Checkpoint #3 (Shop)

Jump up the ledges and then take the exit to the right. Drop down the next screen and continue right. There are more shards here you can grab them if you want. Otherwise drop down and continue to the right.

Hit the wheel by the Blue Demon to open the barrier and go through. Break the blocks to the right and continue on your way.

Hit the next wheel and make your way past the next barrier. Ride the swing up and take the exit to the top right. Navigate through the next room with the Blue Shroom and green spikes and you’ll find the next Checkpoint.

Checkpoint #4

Drop down and head to the right. Dodge past another spiked ball and then down and around, past a few quicksand pits.

Eventually you’ll make your way to the final Shop. Stop here for upgrades or just break the Lanterns for health.

Queen of Quills Boss Fight

The Queen of Quills has a few different attacks. First she’ll jump from ring to ring and drop the quills. They’ll float down towards you. It’s easier to dodge them if you stand towards the center of the room.

When she hangs from a ring and summons plants use the cloud step off them to jump up and hit her. She’ll fall down, giving you a few seconds to hit her again.

When she gets back up she’ll spin around and throw out quills. Make sure you get ready to jump. She also has a whip attack so jump backwards when you see it coming. After a few cycles you should be able to defeat the Queen.

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