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From the Tower of Time HQ walk to the right and use the Portal. You’ll place the Crown next to it and the portal will open.

Corrupted Future

This area is easy to navigate but you’ll need the help of the magic fireflies to get past a few blocked passages. Sometimes you’ll need to free a firefly from an egg before it flies to the right location. When you hit the fireflies they’ll create a path through the solid walls. Eventually you’ll find the Key of Courage.

When you grab the key something will awaken from the depths. Quickly run to the left and use the Rope Dart to grapple off the hook. This will give you a bit of distance so you can hopefully make it through the chase sequence.  It may take a couple of tries but eventually you’ll figure out how to make it back to the portal in one piece. The creature will destroy the portal from this side but you’ll be safe and sound in the Tower of Time HQ.

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