The Messenger is an action platformer that transforms into a metroidvania once you complete the first section of the game. It was developed by Sabotage Studio and released in 2018.

You play the role as a messenger, sent out by your ninja master to deliver a scroll which is critical to your clans survival. You’ll face many enemies along the way, find new abilities, secret levels and branching paths and even altar time itself.

The Messenger is meticulously designed in 8-bit and 16-bit graphics. There are 45 collectible Power Seals to find along the way, as well as 4 Phobekins and 6 Keys. This walkthrough will show you how to find all collectibles, upgrades and items.

The Messenger Walkthrough

Part 1

Ninja Village & Autumn Hills (Leaf Monster)
Catacombs (Ruxxtin)
Bamboo Creek
Howling Grotto (Golem)
Quillshroom Marsh (Queen of Quills)
Searing Crag (Colus and Suses)
Glacial Peak
Tower of Time (Timekeeper)
Cloud Ruins (Sky Serpent)
Underworld (Barma’thazel)

Part 2

Key of Hope
Key of Strength
Key of Love
Path to Dark Cave
Riviere Turquoise (Butterfly Matriarch)
Key of Chaos
Key of Symbiosis
Forlorn Temple
Key of Courage
Music Box