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Ninja Village

Take the Portal back to Autumn Hills and head all the way to the left to the Ninja Village. Go through the Time Barrier to return to 16-Bit and speak with the Ninja Master. You’ll give him the Astral Tea Leaves and in return he’ll give you a Candle. Go back to the nearest shop and return to the Tower of Time HQ.

Go back through the Portal to Autumn Hills and head to the east. Drop down to the entrance to the Catacombs.


Make your way through the caverns to the east. When you get to the Checkpoint drop down to the Time Barrier to change to 8-Bit.

Go to the east and step through the next time barrier to return time to 16-Bit. Climb up, go right, down and right again. When you get to the Mage with the Bat and swinging spiked ball use the lamps to jump up to the left and break the block.

Climb up and navigate through the crushers, time barriers and breakable blocks to Power Seal #26.

Drop down the cavern to the bottom and go east to the next Checkpoint. After running from the spiked wall grapple across the ring and then take the path leading up. Swim through the spikes and spiked spheres to Power Seal #27.

Continue through the Catacombs to the east until you reach the boss room. You’ll need to be in 16-Bit. Open the tomb to find a Message from Ruxxtin and Ruxxtin’s Amulet.

Continue to the right to enter Bamboo Creek.

Bamboo Creek

From the entrance head to the east to the first Shop and break the bamboo on the left side. Go through to find Power Seal #28.

Hit the wheels on the right side to open the lower barriers. Run to the left and hit the second set of wheels to open the top barriers. Quickly run through and pick up the Power Seal.

Head back the way you came and make your way to the next Shop to the east. Drop down and continue to the east until you come to a Checkpoint and a large platform. Lift the platform up and then drop down the passage underneath.

Grab the Checkpoint below and make the jumps across the lamps and spikes to Power Seal #29. These jumps are a little bit tricky, especially with the swinging spiked ball in the center.

Grab the Power Seal and climb back up to the Checkpoint above.

Head back to the right and ride the large platform up. Continue heading to the eastern side of the level to the final Shop. Drop down under the shop to find a large Crystal and a Time Barrier. Change the time to 8-Bit.

Climb back up to the shop and head to the right. Take a jump and glide to the exit in the cliff wall on the right side. Make your way around this area until you find the Phobekin called Claustro.

Go back through the Bamboo Creek to the entrance to the Catacombs.


Head to the west and make your way past the Shop and 2 Checkpoints. You can find the path to the Dark Cave by breaking the block on the right side of the large pit.

Swim through the water and drop down the cave. You’ll emerge at the entrance to the Dark Cave.

Dark Cave

If you have the Candle from the Ninja Master you’ll have a circle of light around you. Otherwise you’ll be in complete darkness.

With a light this area isn’t too difficult. Make your way to the left. Towards the end you’ll need to jump up to activate a crystal to open a barrier. Race the crystal back to the barrier and head through to the left. Drop down to enter the Riviere Turquoise.

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