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You begin on the ground floor of an apartment with the gendarmes (French armed officials) banging at the door. Run up the stairs. As soon as you hit the first landing the gendarmes will bash through the door. If they catch up to you Lara will surrender and you’ll have to reload. The gendarmes will through in poison grenades which will slowly fill the apartment up with gas.

Continue up the stairs, ignoring the two hallways you pass on the left, and jump over the gap in the stairs. When you reach the next landing a boulder will crash through the planks which formed a temporary floor.

The door in the hallway to the left is locked so jump over the gap and grab the other side. Pull up and pick up the Health Pills in the next hallway. A wardrobe blocks the stairs leading up. Stand in front of them and pull them out so you can continue up the stairs.

In the next hallway you’ll find a Small Medipak. Barge through the door nearby and Lara will get an Upper-Body Strength Upgrade. Search the cabinets for the V-Packer Cartridges amd K2 Impactor Batteries.

Continue going upstairs and pick up the Bandages in the next hallway. Go upstairs and pull the Box out on the first landing. Climb on top of it, turn around and take a standing jump up to grab the railing ahead. Climb over the railing and enter the door on the left.

Pick up the Lift Maintenance Key on the floor and the Apartment 21 Key from the wall. Use the Switch to the right to activate the lift.

Leave the room and enter the lift. Take it down to the 2nd floor. Take a running jump to grab the other side of the gap and pull up. Now that you have the key you can enter the apartment on the left side of the hall. On the desk you’ll find a Chocolate Bar and V-Packer Spread Cartridges and in the cabinet a Vector-R35 Semiautomatic.

Jump back across the gap and take the lift to the 4th floor. Enter the lift maintenance room and open the door opposite, marked “Sortie” to end the level.

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