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The level begins with a conversation between Lara and Margot. She has one of Werner’s notebooks but is hesitant to part with it because she thinks you killed him. When given the dialogue options be as nice to her as you can and she’ll finally be convinced to give you Werner’s Notebook.

After the conversation you’ll have a little over a minute to search the apartment before the Police arrive. If you couldn’t convince Margot to give you the Notebook you’ll need to grab it now. It’s in the drawer in the kitchen on the right side, below the microwave oven.

Before you leave you may want to grab the Health Pills in the desk drawer in the main room, Vintage Cognac on the left kitchen counter and a Diamond Ring on a lamp table to the left of the kitchen door.

To leave the house run down the hall to the right of the fireplace and go through the door at the end.

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