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Run down the tunnel but walk once you get to the corner because the path ahead will collapse. Drop down and climb up the other side. To get past the next gap grab onto the pipe on the right wall and traverse across. Drop down on the other side.

Continue walking forwards and another part of the floor will collapse. This time drop down, swim to the other side and climb up the wall on the right. Climb all the way up to the crevice and traverse across to the left until you can drop down.

Run forwards to the end of the tunnel and pull out one of the rocks that is blocking the exit. You still can’t get through from this side but you will be able to walk past on the other side.

Come back, shoot the Rat behind the grating and then kick open the grating. Crawl through the tunnel to the other side where you’ll find Vector Ammo. Open the door on the left and then the next door. Follow the tunnel around to the left and past the boulders that you just pulled out. Dive into the water, swim across and get out the other side.

In the next room go through the hole in the wall to the right and then the open door on the left. You’ll spot a mutated man on a cot to the left and a Small Medipak on the wall next to him. Leave the room through the open cell door and into the cell opposite. Around the back of the bed is Desert Ranger Ammo.

Leave the cell and open the door at the end on the right to find Bouchard. He asks you to make a delivery to Rennes’ Pawnshop and to ask Rennes for the supplies that you need. Pull the Lever to open one of the cell doors.

Run out, head forwards and enter the last cell on the left. Pick up the Vector Ammo and then move the movable box on the left side of the cell until it’s just in front of the cell door. Climb on top of it, walk to the edge closest to the bars and jump up to grab the ledge above. Pull up and pull the Lever to open the door in Bouchard’s room. Drop back down, run to Bouchard’s room and go through the door you just opened, up the stairs to St. Aicard’s church.

Parisian Ghetto

Leave the church and make your way to Rennes’ Pawnshop. As you enter you’ll see a man leaving. It’s Eckhardt. You’ll have more run ins with him later. For now enter the shop. It’s been ransacked. Walk to the back area to see that Rennes has been killed and a strange symbol is on the floor.

Pick up his Wallet on the floor next to him and look at it in your inventory. You’ll find a Scrap of Paper with the numbers 14529. Walk to the back of the room. There’s a trapdoor on the left and a timed bomb to the right.

First use the keypad next to the metal door and use the code 14529. Inside you’ll find a Map of the Sewers, a Map of the Archaeological Dig, a Dart SS, K2 Impactor, Explosives and Ammo. Once you pick up the last item the bomb will trigger in the next room and the door will close.

Quickly press the Button on the wall to open the door, run out and open the trapdoor. Roll forwards into the hole to save time and quickly run forwards. Jump into the next hole and run forwards and to the left to avoid the explosion. If you make it out you’ll see a cut-scene with Kurt watching on as the building explodes.

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