Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness is the sixth in the series and once again follows Lara as she is suspected of killing her former mentor, Wernor Von Croy. The game takes place through the city streets of Paris and Prague as Lara evades capture and searches for the true culprits, a black magic cult.

Angel of Darkness has a different feel than its predecessors and has vastly improved graphics. Lara learns a few new moves including stealth sneaking, hiding behind walls and the army crawl.

The movement mechanics have been changed slightly which can take some getting used to if you played the earlier games. New weapons include the K2 Impactor Stun Gun and the Upgraded Shotgun.

Some versions of the game still crash during various cut-scenes. If that happens use the multi-patcher and follow the instructions on that web page. To run the game with the multi-patcher don’t use the GOG launcher, instead run the games exe file directly.

Angel of Darkness Walkthrough


Level 1: Parisian Back Streets
Level 2: Derelict Apartment Block
Level 3: Industrial Rooftops
Level 4: Margot Carvier’s Apartment
Level 5: Parisian Ghetto
Level 6: The Serpent Rouge
Level 7: Abandoned Tunnels
Level 8: St. Aicard’s Graveyard
Level 9: Bouchard’s Hideout
Level 10: Louvre Storm Drains
Level 11: Louvre Galleries
Level 12: Archaeological Dig
Level 13: Tomb of the Ancients
Level 14: The Hall of Seasons I
Level 15: The Hall of Seasons II
Level 16: Galleries Under Siege
Level 17: Von Croy’s Apartment


Level 18: The Monstrum Crime Scene
Level 19: The Strahov Fortress
Level 20: Bio-Research Facility
Level 21: The Sanitarium (Kurtis)
Level 22: Maximum Containment Area (Kurtis)
Level 23: Aquatic Research Area
Level 24: The Vault of Trophies
Level 25: Boaz Returns (Kurtis)
Level 26: The Lost Domain
Level 27: Eckhardt’s Lab

Angel of Darkness Controls

The PC and Mac versions of Angel of Darkness both have the ability to customize the controls. Go to the ‘Options’ menu and choose ‘Controls’ to change them. In some levels throughout the game you’ll play as Kurtis. The controls for him are essentially the same.

Movement – Cursor Keys
Walk – Press Shift once to walk, Shift again to run
Sidestep – Hold Shift and press Left or Right Arrow.
Jump – Alt
Short Hop – Shift+Alt
Vault – Approach the object and ledge and then press Up Arrow
Draw/Holster Weapon – Space
Action – Ctrl. This is used for all actions including talking to someone, firing your weapon, picking up items or opening doors
Roll and Reverse – End
Push/Pull – Ctrl+up/down
Look – Hold 0 on the number pad and use the cursor keys to look around
Sprint – When running press 0 on the number pad (Only works after Lara has the Sprint upgrade
Stealth Walk – Enter
Duck – 1 on the number pad
Commando Crawl – 1+Enter
Cycle Weapons – [ and ]
Target Enemy – Lara automatically targets the nearest enemy. If there are more than one press End to cycle through enemy targets
Swimming – Press Alt to dive and the Cursor keys to swim around. Press Ctrl to climb up out of the water
Swan Dive – O+Alt+Up
Quick Save – F5
Quick Load – F9