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For this level you’ll be playing as Kurtis. The controls are basically the same although he’s a bit more awkward with his movements and he can’t sprint or swim. He begins with the Boran X pistol.

Elevator Shaft

Pick up the Boran Clip on the walkway to the right of the elevator shaft and then safety drop off the edge to the walkway below. Walk around to the left. Pick up another Boran Clip and take standing jump to the ledge with the ladder. Climb down the ladder and walk to the left side facing the elevator shaft. Take a standing jump from the edge to grab onto the walkway next to the shaft.

Pull up, walk around to the other side and safety drop to the walkway below. Pick up the Health Pills, walk around to the other side and safety drop once again to the next walkway below. From here you can walk into the elevator shaft. Open the trapdoor at the bottom and drop down.

Walk around to the left. Climb down the short ladder and then the longer ladder to the platform below. Turn left, walk to the edge and take a standing jump to grab onto the walkway connected the elevator shaft. Pull up and go through the door on the left.

The Wards

Shoot the Zombie through the barred gate in the hall ahead. Go through the gate and down the hall. Something drags a dead guard away. Pick up the Boran Clip and continue down the hall. There’s another Zombie at the end.

Take a right at the junction and approach the next barred gate. Kurtis will use his far see ability to find the code. Use the keypad and press 06289 to unlock the gate.

Run past the office to the left and shoot the Zombie behind the next gate. Open it and run down the hall to another gate. Open this one and shoot the Zombie on the other side. Follow the hall around to the two white doors and go through.

Dining Hall

Shoot the Zombie and run around the curved hall. The dining room will be to the left. Kill another Zombie and then search the dining room floor for a Boran Clip and Chocolate Bar. You’ll come back to the dining room later. For now take a look at the door with the red light, opposite the dining room. You’ll see the numbers 38471. You’ll use this code later.

Continue around the curved dining hall and take out the next 2 Zombies. Run all the way to the end and go through the white doors into the laboratory.


Pick up the Boran Clip from the floor and approach the dead scientist on the right side of the room. Pick up the Strahov Assistant’s Pass and leave through the white doors the way you came in.

Dining Hall

Run back to the dining room and use the pass on the card reader by the door in the far right corner of the room. Go through the door and head up the stairs. At the top go right for a Large Health Pack. Turn around and follow the walkway the other way. Jump over the gap and use the controls. Type in the code that you saw earlier, 38471. This opens the door across from the dining room where you saw the code.

Run back down the stairs and cross the dining room to the door you just opened. Go up the stairs and then through another set of white doors.

Second Lab

Head down the hall to the right for a cut-scene of the mutant creature killing another victim. Run down the hall and go through the open white doors to the right. Kill the Zombie and follow the hall to the end. Pull open the vent to the right of the white doors and crawl inside.

Crawl through the duct and then jump up to grab a higher duct. Crawl through this one and then drop out into the lab. On the wall to the far right side is another vent. Approach it and pull the vent away so you can crawl into the duct. Once again stand up and grab onto a higher duct. Crawl in and approach the opening on the other side for a cut-scene of the creature. It escapes through a vent in the roof.

Drop down, pick up the Boran Clip to the left of the fan and then stand in the opposite corner to the yellow tanks. Shoot at the tanks until one of them explodes and destroys the broken ladder. You can now jump up to grab the ledge above. Pull up and then pull the Switch to stop the fan.

Drop down and crawl between the arms of the fan. Crawl through the vent and then run down the hall to the left. The level will end when you approach the stairs leading down.

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