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The Gallery has been infiltrated by Cabal Commandos. You’ll need to make it out of the gallery alive. The K2 Impactor seems to work well against them as you can stun them with a single shot.

Run up the steps, head to the left and then right through the open doorway. Run up the staircase. Half way up you’ll run into a Museum Guard. He drops a Vector Clip.

Once you’re nearly at the top of the stairs you’ll see a cut-scene of the Commandos taking over the museum and releasing poison gas. At the top of the steps there’s another Museum Guard. Take him out and pick up his Vector Clip.

Open the door to the foyer of the first gallery. By the door ahead is the first Commando. When you kill him he drops a Mag Vega gun. You’ll need to move quickly as the museum is filling up with poisonous gas.

Run through the first display gallery and take out another Commando on the other side. He drops a Mag Clip. Head out the exit and go through the open door to the left.

Run up the stairwell and open the door to the hallway. Take out the Commando at the other end of the hall and then go through the first door on the right. Search the cabinet for Health Pills and then go through the glass doors and open the cabinet for a Respirator. For some reason this gives Lara a Lower-Body Strength Upgrade and she gains the ability to sprint. If you’re running low on oxygen wear the Respirator straight away.

Leave the office and go left back down the hall. Open the door, go down the stairwell and back into the foyer of a gallery. Open the door to the left with the light above it.

Take out the Commando and then go through either exit at the back of the room. They both go to the same place. There’s another Commando coming up the next set of stairs. and another at the bottom. Continue down the next set of stairs and take a right at the next passage, following the sign that points to Galerie 3. Go through the open door to the left with the red walls and run into the gallery on the left to end the level.

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