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You enter into the storm drains with the task of getting into the Louvre. The only enemies in this level are the Rats which are often harmless but will sometimes bite Lara. They can be killed in a single shot if they get in the way.

Run down the tunnel and veer to the left at the hub to pick up a Chocolate Bar. Go through the tunnel to the left and up the stairs for a Large Health Pack. The door doesn’t open so go back down the stairs to the hub.

Head down the next tunnel to the left and immediately through the hole in the wall to the left. Run down the tunnel and wade through the water. When you get to the flooded room climb up the ladder in the center. In the room above is a Valve but Lara isn’t strong enough yet to turn it. There are six valves in total that Lara will need to turn off before leaving this level.

Go through the open door and pick up the Vector Clip in the tunnel. Continue forwards and turn to the right to a hub with gushing water in the center. Walk to the drainpipe to the left. Lara says that it will take her weight. Climb up the drainpipe and climb onto the walkway to the left. Run around the walkway and use the Switch at the end to turn off a huge fan. There’s another Valve here but Lara isn’t strong enough to turn this one either.

Return the way you came and climb down the drainpipe. Run around the hub, past the monitoring station. Jump over the gap with the small tunnel and take the next tunnel to the right with the pipe along the left side.

Head forwards and climb up the small ladder on the right to the fan that you just turned off. Walk up to it and use Action to turn the blades. Lara will gain an Upper Body Strength Upgrade and can now turn off all of the Valves. Crawl past the fan for V-Packer Shells. Continue forwards and turn off the First Valve. The third light on the monitoring station will turn green.

Jump back into the ventilation shaft and crawl through the fan. Climb back down the ladder and return to the hub. Run around to the left and take the next tunnel to the left past the monitoring station. go through the fence to the left and then the door. At the end of the tunnel is the valve that you first spotted but Lara is strong enough to turn it now. Turn the Second Valve and the fifth light on the monitoring station will turn green. Return the way you came, back to the hub.

Turn to the left and climb up the drainpipe once more. Walk across the walkway and then out over the crossbeam to the walkway on the other side. Turn the Third Valve to fill the shaft below with water and to make the sixth light on the monitoring station turn green. There’s a Desert Ranger Clip at the end of this walkway.

Walk back half-way across the crossbeam and drop down to the water below. Surface to take a breath of air and then dive down through the tunnel. Follow the tunnel around until you can pull up into another hub area.

There’s some broken walkway dangling into the water. Swim over to it and climb up. Walk around to the gap in the railing and jump across to grab the metal beam in the center of the room. Pull up, walk across to the Fourth Valve and turn it. This will turn the fourth light green on the monitoring station.

Walk back across the beam to the center and jump up to grab the pipe above. Shimmy across to the walkway and climb up the vertical piece of walkway. to the walkway above. Walk around, jump across the gap and turn the Fifth Valve which turns the second light on the monitoring station green.

Walk back the way you came and jump across the gap. Enter through the wooden door on the left. Pick up the M-V9 Clip in the tunnel and continue around the tunnel back to the top of the first hub. Walk out across the beam and jump up to grab the pipe. Shimmy across to the right and turn the Sixth Valve. Now all six lights on the monitoring station should be green.

Shimmy back across the pipe and drop down onto the central beam. Walk across the beam and jump into the tunnel where the water has just stopped flowing. Open the gate and go through. Lara will mention that she smells oil.

Safety drop to the walkway below and run across the walkway to the left, all the way to the Fuel Tank. Stand in front of it with your back to the pool. Use Action to place and explosive and then backflip into the pool below. Stay underwater because if you try to surface Lara will get burnt.

There are two underwater tunnels on the left but they both meet up. If you go through the tunnel closest to the wall with the fuel tank take the first left, right and then left again.

Wade through the water and follow the tunnel up to the left and left again until you’re overlooking the pool. Safety drop to the ledge below. There are two ways to head to the exit. I found it easiest to turn left and climb up the ladder. Jump over the fire on the right side of the pool just below the next ladder.

Walk forwards and climb up the next ladder before the next fire. Walk across the walkway and take a jump towards the hole in the wall which is the exit. Go through, run around to the left and approach the double doors.

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