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There’s no separate training level for Angel of Darkness so you’ll receive a few tips as you progress through this level. You begin by dropping down into an alleyway. Ignore the Dog chained to the wall to the right and pick up the Chocolate Bar in the doorway ahead.

Climb onto the bin on the left, turn to the right and jump up to grab the balcony above. Walk to the edge of the gap and jump across to the other side. Turn right and take a running jump over the railing to the steps on the other side. Pick up the Large Health Pack and jump back down to the ground.

Climb up the bin, grab onto the balcony and jump across the gap once more. This time follow the balcony around and climb up the ladder. Get off to the left. Follow this balcony around and climb in the window.

There are a few things you can pick up here. Check the cabinets for a Chocolate Bar and pick up the Antique Dubloons from the floor. The cabinet is locked but you can come back later to open them for a Necklace.

Climb back out the window and then up the ladder. Get off to the right. Pick up more Antique Dubloons and then take a standing jump to grab the ledge on the other side. Vault or jump over the low railing to the left to find a Chocolate Bar.

Jump back over the railing and walk to the end of the ledge. Turn right and hop across the gap. Walk over the planks and climb up the pipe to the top. Traverse across to the right and drop down to the ledge below. Turn right and jump up to grab the edge of the roof. Traverse around the corner to the right and pull up where there’s a gap in the railing.

Behind the building to the right you’ll find Health Bandages and in the far left corner behind the water tower there’s a Barrel that Lara can pull out. Stand where the barrel was and drop down to the ledge below. Pick up the Crowbar. You can traverse across to the left but not until Lara has the Upper-Body Strength Upgrade.

For now climb back up to the rooftop and use the Crowbar on the padlocked door to break it open. When you do this Lara gets a strength upgrade. Open the cabinet inside the shed to find the M-V9 Semiautomatic.

If you want all of the loot backtrack to the open window and use the Crowbar to open the locked cabinet. Inside you’ll find a Necklace. Climb back to the rooftop.

Drop down behind where you pulled the barrel and this time jump up and traverse across to the left. With the strength upgrade you should just be able to make it to the next ledge.

Press Enter to go into Stealth mode and sneak around the corner. You’ll spot a guard up ahead. Sneak up behind him and use the Action key to knock him out. Walk back and pick up the Gantry Gate Key from the sawhorse.

Head back to the other end of the walkway and use the Gantry Gate Key to open the gate. Climb down the ladder to end the level.

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