A plague is spreading across the lands and it’s up to Prince Arthas to stop it. It begins with a battle against frightened orcs but turns into something far more sinister as we realize that the orcs are running from an undead horde.

The Scourge of Lordaeron Walkthrough

  1. The Defense of Strahnbrad – Defend Strahnbrad from the invasion of the orcs and rescue little Timmy.
  2. Blackrock & Roll – Set up a base and defend it from the orc horde.
  3. Ravages of the Plague – Jaina and Arthas meet up to investigate the plague.
  4. The Cult of the Damned – Destroy the Undead base and explore Andorhal.
  5. March of the Scourge – Fend off the Undead forces until help arrives and destroy a caravan taking infected grain to nearby villages.
  6. The Culling – Kill 100 plagued villagers before Mal’Ganis claims them for his own.
  7. The Shores of Northrend – Arthas goes to Northrend to hunt for Mal’Ganis but finds more then he bargained for.
  8. Dissension – As the army prepares to leave Arthas sets fire to all the ships preventing his men from escaping.
  9. Frostmourne – Find the legendary sword and defeat Mal’Ganis.