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When you enter this level you’ll notice the buildings in the background are sideways. You’ll be climbing up in this level rather than across.

Bounce up to the wooden beam and when you land on it more crates will fall down. Make your way up to the next wooden beam and then up the moving platforms to the cannon. Climb up the rope and swim around to the box with Coin #1.

Jump up the nets and then use the cannons to get up to Checkmate 1. Swim down and to the right. When you get to the section to the right the door will close behind you and a spiked platform will start rising up. You’ll need to keep moving to stay ahead of it.

If you’re fast enough you’ll have time to break the box and grab Coin #2 along the way.

Continue swimming up as fast as you can until you can jump out. Take the rope up to Checkmate 2. Head over to the left and stand on the wooden beam. A rope will be revealed to the right. Ride it up and continue up the ropes.

Bounce off the 3 Robots to Coin #3. You’ll need to wait until there’s a pause in the flamers otherwise you’ll get hit by the flames.

Use the cannon on the left to continue heading up to Checkmate 3. Roll all the way to the right and break the boxes for Coin #4.

Stand on the two wooden beams to the left to lower down some crates so you can continue up to a third beam. Lower this one as well and then climb up the ropes.

Continue standing on the beams to make your way up the center of the tree. Head to the left and continue to the left into a secret area with Coin #5.

Jump up the beams and a sawblade will land on the Beettalion egg, breaking it and releasing a bee named Kevwing.

Secret Exit

Make your way through the level past Coin #3 and up to the ropes. Instead of climbing up them enter into the green pipe to the right. As you step on the beam on the other side of it wait for the platform to lower and then quickly do a roll and jump to the next pipe before the platform with the Quills lands on you.

On the other side of this pipe you’ll find a Portal. Going through it will take you to the top of the wall to the left of the Chapter where you can find another Beettalion.

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