Objectives: Save the villagers.

You begin this mission with whatever you had left over from the last mission. The southern exit below the small ore field is now blocked off so you don’t have to worry about being attacked from that direction. Hopefully you have plenty of Rifle Infantry left over from the first mission.

Build a few Medium Tanks and send them along with the Infantry east and then north. Blow up the bridge and continue to the village at the north side of the map. Blow up the next bridge just underneath it and bring the villages back to your base along with all of your units.

Now go west and then north up to the third bridge. Blow it up so that now new ants will appear. Continue north to the second village and rescue the villagers. Make sure there are no rogue ants in the way and bring the villagers to the Transport to the north-west. Transport them over the river to the little island to complete the mission.

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