Objectives: Destroy the Soviet base and make sure no Convoy Trucks escape.

When you start this mission you see a Soviet Convoy Truck driving off to the Soviet base. Just leave it for now because it’s too fast to catch.

Use your starting forces to destroy the Soviet units and then build the Construction Yard, Power Plant and Ore Refinery. Get ready for a Soviet Transport to drop off Infantry at the southern shore of your base.

Just like the previous mission preventing the Convoy Trucks from escaping can be difficult. Scout out the northern area of the map and place units along the exits. The Convoy Trucks seem to move at double speed in this mission. Eventually you’ll want to build Pillboxes at the possible exits or bridges to destroy the Convoy Trucks as they try to escape.

Once your base is more or less secure build a Naval Yard in the river to the south. Send some Destroyers down to the south, and then east, to the bottom of the Soviet Base. From here the Destroyers can pepper the Soviet base, destroying one of the Tesla Coils and maybe a few other buildings.

Before going in for the kill you’ll want around 20 Medium Tanks. Destroy the Tesla Coil at the southern edge with the Destroyers and then send in the Tanks. If they still have Convoy Trucks they’ll be stationed on the eastern side of the base. Destroy the Trucks first, then the Power Plants to deactivate the Tesla coils and finally wipe out the rest of the base to complete the mission.

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