Objectives: Escort Stravos to a nearby friendly outpost.

You begin with Tanya and Stravos. Make your way east and wait to shoot the barrels as the Soviet Infantry walk past. Continue east, north and then west through a small canyon to avoid being detected by the Mammoth Tank. Keep Stravos close to Tanya just in case more Soviet Infantry appear.

Continue north to the small base and then head west. You’ll need to take out some Soldiers along the way. Stay away from the base because it will soon be nuked. On the western shore four or five tanks will arrive. Use them to fight off the Soviets who are chasing behind you. Quickly bring them back to the base to pick up the Health crate.

Two Mammoth Tanks block the path to the south. You may be able to avoid one of them if you keep your units to the western shore. Continue to the south, avoiding the nukes to the east and take out the Infantry hiding behind the trees. To the far south is another Health crate.

Head to the west and stop before going over the river. Wait for the Paratroopers to drop in and distract the Tesla Coil. Send a Tank to take out the barrels which will blow up the Power Plant which in turn powers down the Tesla coil.

Continue north and use Tanya to blow up the barrles by the bridge while the 2 Mammoth Tanks are driving over it. They should be destroyed as the bridge collapses. Continue west and then north. A Convoy Truck tries to sneak past but blow it up for another Health Crate.

Once you reach the small Soviet base you’ll be given reinforcements from the north. Take out the Flame Towers and other Soviet units and bring Stravos to the choppa to end the mission.

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