Objectives: Destroy a power plant in the east to disrupt the tesla coils and then wipe out the Soviet base.

Begin by bringing your APC to the north and east until you find the small Soviet base. Drive it into the base and shoot the barrels near the Power Plant on the eastern side. This should be enough to disable the Tesla Coils.

Your MCV and a few Tanks should arrive on the eastern side of the map. Bring them down to the flare in the south and start up your base. There’s plenty of ore so build a Power Plant, Ore Factory, Weapons Factory and another couple of Ore Trucks. You’ll also need AA Guns or Rocket Soldiers to deal with the air attacks.

Once your base is well defended build a handful of Tanks and a few Artillery. Send them along the bottom of the map to the west. There’s a hill overlooking the main Soviet base but it’s defended by a Mammoth Tank. Use your Tanks to take out the Mammoth and then set up your Artillery as close to the Soviet base as you can. They should be able to take out a number of Power Plants which should disable all of the Soviet Tesla Coils.

Build a group of Medium Tanks and sweep through the enemy base. Take out their units and then destroy all the Power Plants to prevent the Tesla Coils from coming back online. Mop up the remaining units and structures to win the mission.

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